News Cast for July 12th:

The Okeechobee County Planning Board approved plans for an expansion of the Quail Creek Sporting Ranch on route 68.

450 acres of property houses the ranch and the property is surrounded by agriculture uses.  The expansion plan includes a 30,000 square foot lodge and an expansion of their outdoor, shooting, rifle and target ranges.

They expect to have up to 80 employees after the expansion.

The board recommended a rezoning of 116 acres for an industrial park.

The property could be cut up in to 8 different parcels.  A 31-acre parcel could be used for manufacturing.

Realtor Brandon Tucker said they have already gotten interest from companies wanting to move in.

He said they are anxious to get rolling.

The project is located on 710 just east of the L-63 canal.

Okeechobee county will begin some mosquito spraying on Sunday.

Public Safety Director Earl Wooten encouraged listeners to contact the county vendor if they know of problem areas.

The hotline is 1-800-203-6485.

The spraying will go on from Sunday, July 17 through Saturday, July 23.

Waste management has also started to deliver the new 96 gallon garbage cans and yard debris cans and expect to have all customers serviced in the next 30 days.

The Florida Department of Transportation got no public comment at a workshop to study the four-lane expansion of route 70 from Brighton west toward Lake Placid.  Seven miles is currently included in this phase known as planning, design and engineering.  At the same time they are studying a 4 lane expansion of 70 from Brighton east toward Okeechobee.

32 percent of the traffic on 70 west of Brighton is truck traffic.  They also have 36 percent more accidents on that stretch of road than similar Florida roads. 

Project manager Jeff Novatney said these plans should make the road safer.

The plan includes a 12-foot multi use path for hiking and biking.  They are also considering curving the road southward in Brighton so that it doesn’t take right of way from the church there or the Lykes Brothers offices.

26 year old Keteria Kelly of Pompano Beach tried to smuggle in marijuana into Moore Haven Correctional.

Kelly said she received the package in Broward County on June 18 and was going to be paid $2,000 to deliver the package to an inmate at the prison.  She admitted it was weed wax in the package.

The package was discovered by corrections officers during a routine search.

The drugs also tested positive for suboxone and fentanyl.  The arresting deputy became ill after touching the substances and had to be treated at Hendry Regional Medical Center.

Four deputies reportedly became ill.  Fort Myers Fire Rescue Hazmat responded to the jail and decontaminated the facility.

Charges include introduction of contraband, possession of controlled substances, possession of marijuana, fentanyl and drug paraphernalia.   Bond was $20,500.