News Cast 7/13

News Cast for July 13th:

A way to explore careers 

64 middle and high school students graduated from an Okeechobee Junior Leadership camp this summer. 

They combined two camps into one focusing attention on local careers and skills needed to be hired and employed in Okeechobee. 

Kaylee King with the Okeechobee Economic Development Corporation was asked what she thinks kids got out of this camp. 

“Our hopes about what they would gain is number one exposure.  Kids going into the workforce, career exploration, what do you want to be when you grow up, we get the thought process started for these kids.” 

The kids did some work on projects like a facility for Science, technology and engineering, a dog park, and a splash pad, and were required to do some public speaking. 

They earned a stipend for their efforts.   

They learned how to create a budget, business presentations, professionalism in business, contracts and agreements, customer service, and many other skills. 

Funding came through the Children Services Council, the Okeechobee Education Foundation, and donations. 

A stabbing sends a local woman to the hospital. 

City police said two females exchanged words and the victim was cut in the right hand by a knife. 

Charged was 52 year old Cynthia Tommie of Brighton. 

Cops suspect she was under the influence of narcotics. 

When they located her, she allegedly came at them aggressively and was tased. 

Charges include aggravated battery and battery on law enforcement. 

Bond was set at $52,500. 

A school crossing guard is walking around Lake Okeechobee to raise money for school supplies. 

Eric Christensen wants to help needy families in Okeechobee. 

He has a Go Fund Me Page.  It is Okeechobee School hike for school supplies. 

He started Tuesday from the J and S Fish Camp in Martin County.  He wants to be complete by Saturday, July 23. 

Christensen invites people to come out to the Lake Okeechobee scenic trail and join him. 

“IF anyone wants to I’ll be coming along with my push cart and my back pack and my yellow umbrella.  I’ll be strutting along.” 

He plans to hike about 11 miles per day.  Part of the walk will take him off the dike due to construction. 

A memorial Beyond the Call of Duty is visiting 268 police departments this year. 

608 officers died in the line of duty in 2021 in the US, with many of them from COVID they got while on the job. 

Organizer JC Shah said he wanted to honor all those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

“We realize that we call these men and women as our ultimate heroes.  Today though all of you in uniform are currently heroes.” 

The mobile memorial called the End of Watch Ride to remember will travel some 23,000 miles this year. 

They stopped in Osceola County this month to honor fallen deputy Michael Webb.