News Cast 7/14

News Cast for July 14th:

Grand jury returns indictment in murder case 

An Okeechobee grand jury indicted Venus Bubel, 43 on charges of first-degree murder with a firearm, aggravated assault, and tampering with evidence. 

She was arrested on Memorial Day for allegedly killing a female in Four Seasons. 

Okeechobee Sheriff Deputies said it appeared that the motive for the shooting was jealousy. 

Okeechobee Sheriff deputies got a hit off the cyber tip line for possible child pornography and arrest a local man. 

Lionor Pena, 19 faces four felony charges after the search of a residence on North West 32nd Avenue. 

Clerk is under Cyber attack 

The county computer system is attacked by hackers 14,000 times per day. 

That the report from the Clerk of the Courts Jerry Bryant. 

The Clerk asked for a $99,000 budget hike to hire staff and increase computer safety. 

“We would like a security analyst who will keep us ahead of the curve on this problem.” 

State Attorney Tom Bakkedahl said there is important court information at stake. 

“All of the information from the sheriff’s office and the police department is in our data base.  We need to do everything in our power to protect and maintain the integrity of.” 

Music festival ready to return 

The Okeechobee  Music Fest plans to return in March 2022. 

They plan to start announcing the various acts booked for the festival in the fall. 

Sound Slinger Co-Founder Jullio Santos Domingo said they are excited to be back in Okeechobee. 

“There is such a demand for people wanting to be with other people. Oher festivals are selling a lot of tickets.  The demand is real and tickets are going fast.  Everybody is looking forward to going back to Sunshine Grove and having a good time.” 

Domingo said they continue to plan improvements on the property. 

“We are working every year to do what we can with development.  We have some new and exciting plans we will discuss at some point.  WE are not ready to talk about these plans just yet.” 

Domingo said everyone loves Okeechobee and the rural nature and wildlife and he expects the event to continue to grow and prosper. 

Highlands County considers tougher animal ordinances 

The Highlands County Board of County Commissioners are considering an anti-tethering law. 

They directed staff to look at their animal abuse and neglect laws. 

They plan to work with the Sheriff and the State Attorney to come up with regulations. 

A growing number of communities are adopting these laws and trying to enlarge enclosed spaces for animals.