News Cast for July 20th:

Group shot of the OPD family, past and present, who were able to attend the council meeting.

Pictured left to right: Ofc. Beiger, Ofc. Nails, Lt. Reyna, Lt. Taylor, Chief Hagan, Ofc. Pitts, Ofc. Castaneda, Det. Yates, SRO Margerum, Sgt. Daigneault, St Lucie County Deputy Moutschka, OCSO Det. Romero, and Sgt. Francis

City Council met Tuesday night in one of the longer sessions that they have had in some time. Two ordinances were passed and 2 others were postponed until a later date. The council also set the maximum millage for the upcoming budget year at 6.8987.

The Council passed an ordinance to allow food trucks to operate within city limits and adopted another ordinance to change land use from commercial to multi family for a triplex unit in the north west section.

Two ordinances were postponed. One was on mandatory sewer hookups. Cost to the customers and ability  to look into grants or financing programs to help offset the cost were the main reason to postpone the ordinance.

The other ordinance that was postponed was regarding hurricane shutters and a requirement to take the shutters down after hurricane season for safety reasons. The council felt that the ordinance was a little too confusing in it’s wording and wanted more clarity before putting it to a vote.

In a split vote, the council voted 3-2 to set the maximum millage rate at 6.8987 mills for the up coming budget year. Mayor Dowling Watford explained the close vote and the reasoning on why it was set.

Officers Rafael Castaneda and Dalton Pitts were recognized for their heroic efforts in rescuing a local resident from structure fire in early June. Police Chief Donald Hagan gives the details.

A Glades county woman is charged with beating her boyfriend with a baseball bat. The victim also saw his vehicle vandalized and later stolen while he was in the hospital.

48 year old Carlethea Davis faces aggravated battery charges. The victim claim he was followed home by Davis. She grabbed the bat and allegedly battered him and broke out the window to his vehicle.

He drove away from his home in Buckhead Ridge into Okeechobee and reported the incident to deputies here.

Bond was set at $10,000 dollars.

By Taylor