News Cast for July 27th:

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Parks are popular

Okeechobee County is seeing more kids and adults sign up for recreational programs.

Community Services Director Denise Whitehead said the sports complex pool has also been popular with these hot temperatures.

“This year again we have seen an incredible increase in the usage of the pool,” she said.

The county has added to lifeguards to every shift to meet the demand.

“It has definitely been a struggle to keep up with the demand.”

They are asking the commission to increase the cost of pool passes from $3 to $5 per visit.   The county budget proposal includes $350,000 to reline the pool this year.

The city takes another step towards adding two new businesses.

The Technical Review Committee approved the preliminary site plan and pre application plat for the Park Street Commerce Center.

Initial plans included a storage business and a Culvers restaurant.

City council will have final say for the project proposed in the 1100-1200 block of North East Park Street.

New Horizons of the Treasure Coast presented a budget request of $63,000 from Okeechobee County this year.  There is no budget increase.

New Horizons also plans to add a pharmacy to serve clients in Okeechobee.

Farmers are worried about the impacts of a ban on illegal immigrant drivers licenses issued by other states.

The Farmworkers Association of Florida were among the legal advocates planning litigation against the state.

Dave Kerner is director of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor vehicles.

Advocates argue the illegals take jobs that most Floridians don’t want.

Kerner said illegals maybe leaving the state.

“IF there is an actual affect of undocumented immigrants leaving the state because they are afraid of law and order, I think that speaks to the effectiveness of the laws Gov. DeSantis is signing.  The point is to not have people here that won’t abide by the law.  If people don’t abide by them what is the point of having laws?”

He points out not all out of state licenses are impacted just those issued to undocumented immigrants and non US citizens.

Our Brahman Anglers are checked-in and ready for their shot to fish against the top teams in the country. They will tackle Lake Hartwell at safe light. Do your best & remember to have fun. Good luck guys!!” – Randi Davis (Facebook)

By Taylor