News Cast 7/6

News Cast for July 6th:

Give us some time 

Okeechobee County was accused of dragging its feet on the idea of container homes. 

It’s a new thing on the market. 

The developer said it cost less than traditional homes, but are still attractive, functional, and tough. 

Thane Losman said he wants to invest a lot of money here in Okeechobee. 

“I bought a property platted in 1958 and I want to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop that property.  A five acre junk yard in the county is worth a million dollars and we are prepared to invest a couple of a million dollars.  We won’t invest anything when your development director behaves in an unprofessional manner.” 

County Administrator Deborah Manzo said the county is working with Losman and are not dragging their feet. 

“My office has been communicating with him.  I had a full schedule before a conference last week.  I have been working at night based on past discussions and code regulations so that when I met with Mr. Losman, I could have sufficient information and I would be educated to help him.” 

A Moore Haven man charged in a fatal alcohol related crash last summer, pled no contest to reduced charges. 

Jorge Cristian Perez Amador was sentenced to one year in jail and four years on probation for a charge of driving on a suspended license. 

A charge of vehicular homicide was dropped. 

The Florida Highway Patrol said a 38 year old North Miami woman died in the wreck in Hendry county on route 80 at Lexington Parkway last July 31st

A record amount of wild fires were reported in Highlands County last year. 

They are proposing a seven percent hike in the fire assessments. 

That amounts to between $1.80 and $12.07 dollars more per home based on the size of the home. 

Commercial rates could go to $184. 

Commissioner Scott Kirouac points out wild fires can cost a lot of money to put out because they are labor intensive and require a lot of equipment.