News Cast 8/10

News Cast for August 10th:

It’s the first day of school 

Okeechobee and other school districts are back in session today. 

The district busy hiring the final staff members needed. 

50 positions were open as of last week. 

They also are stressing safety on campus and off. 

Assistant Superintendent Dylan Tedders had this advice for drivers. 

“Just use common sense.  These buses are full of students.  The bus drivers will do everything they can to make sure those kids get to school safely.  We just ask people to abide by the law.  You will see a lot of students standing by the road.  We want them to be safe.” 

He noted all school buses have strobe lights on the top of the roof to increase their visibility. 

Area lawmen will also be checking school zones and cracking down on speeders. 

The Florida highway patrol has a child safety awareness campaign this month. 

Last year there were 2,700 accidents that involved school buses in Florida. 

Trooper Kenneth Watson reminded listeners that hand held cell phones aren’t allowed in school zones. 

“Within those school zones they are hands free zones.  You are not allowed to have a cell phone or any device in your hands.  We recommend you keep two hands on the wheel at all times.” 

Glades County Sheriff David Hardin urged motorists to slow down in school zones. 

“Please be careful.  There is nothing so important that you have to be driving above a safe speed.  Be courteous and pay attention to your fellow motorists.” 

A Brighton woman gave birth on board a medical helicopter on Sunday. 

Lidia Bucio Morales said the experience was quite stressful.  She has two other children. 

She says Dalen Nunez weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces and came four days after his due date. 

“He is a very quiet baby, very sweet, and very different from my other two.  They did a great job caring for me and my child because I was very nervous having him outside the hospital.” 

She was driven by ambulance from Brighton, which took 45 minutes, and gave birth while in route to the Treasure Coast Hospital, a 15-minute flight from Okeechobee. 

“Me and the baby are doing good.  We spent two days in the hospital.  He has passed all his tests.” 

She said she will have a story to tell once Dalen gets older. 

“During that whole flight I was ready to give birth.  The pressure of being up in the sky was really crazy.  They were telling me to do the best I can and honestly, I was just in shock.” 

Altered time sheets have led to an investigation in the city of Belle Glade. 

Temporary workers may have received compensation they didn’t earn this summer. 

Commissioner Michael Martin supported suspending the program and getting things right. 

“There is always going to be somebody out there looking for a way to scheme.  Trust me, in my business, it don’t matter how long they work for you, it happens.” 

Commissioner Mary Ross Wilkerson said some employees had nothing to do with this and shouldn’t suffer the loss of their jobs and income. 

“That was their rent money and livelihoods.  To take away from those that were doing their job correctly is not correct.  We should punish the ones that did it.” 

The city commission voted to suspend the program to await the outcome of the investigation. 

The Palm Beach County Sheriff is also investigating, Mayor Steve Wilson said.