News Cast 8/3

News Cast for August 3rd:

Our 2023 state legislative delegation says parental rights in education will be one of their top priorities. 

Senator Elect Erin Grall and representative Kaylee Tuck spoke at the Okeechobee Republican Party annual banquet. 

Senator Grall said she also helped to insure fair and free elections in Florida. 

“Florida is doing elections right.  Two years ago I served as chair of the election integrity committee.  Other states don’t have voter ID laws.  The fundamental basic identify yourself as a citizen to get a ballot, does not exist in other places.  That is a fight for our entire country and we need to be engaged in that.” 

Grall also was the author of the 15 week abortion ban in Florida. 

“For six years in the Florida House I have stood for life.  I will not stop that fight.  I never thought I would be alive for the Supreme Court overturning Roe versus Wade.  It is a game changer for our country.” 

A veteran’s memorial being considered in downtown Belle Glade. 

Councilmember Mary Ross Wilkerson would like to add a memorial for victims of gun violence. 

The commission agreed to name the street going into the former Glades Correctional site after retired city manager Lomax Harrelle. 

Activist Robert Mitchell did not support the move as he stated Harrelle already has a building at the Torry Island Campground named after him and other residents are deserving of being honor with a street. 

US Senator Marco Rubio had dire predictions for the US economy. 

He said we have now entered into a recession due to months of inflation. 

Rubio said the economy is worsening due to reckless federal spending. 

“IF you put more money on the street to chase fewer things you will get dramatic price increases.  That is called inflation.  Now interest rates have gone up.  It means everybody and working families are paying more on the debt they owe.” 

Glades County will solicit proposals from waste haulers for Buckhead Ridge. 

The residents there are paying over $400 annually. 

Chairman Tim Stanley said they could join with Okeechobee on a contract with Waste Management. 

“It would be better for a company in the garbage business to do it.  Maybe we can piggy back off of their contract.” 

Stanley said he has gotten a lot of comments from residents upset with the current service. 

Sheriff David Hardin also had a traffic enforcement effort in Buckhead as one deputy wrote 20 citations over a two day period. 

The county also discussed ways to improve fire service as home owners insurance costs rise.