News Cast 8/31

News Cast for August 31st:

Osceola County Sheriff investigators report a murder in Yeehaw Junction. 

A female was shot to death and found in a  backyard on Magnolia Court on Saturday. 

70 year old Charles Bell has been charged with first degree murder and held without bond. 

He was seen leaving the area at a high rate of speed and was arrested late Saturday. 

Congressman worried about trapped Americans 

The last US military planes have left Afghanistan. 

Congressman Greg Steube has been critical of the withdrawal. 

He called for President Joe Biden to resign after 13 US servicemen lost their lives. 

Steube said he disagrees with every step the Biden administration has made. 

“We have a President who is relying on a terrorist nation to get our citizens out of Afghanistan and refusing to go in and get our people out.  We have the military ability, the military might, the equipment and the technology to get people out.  We know where they are and can get them out.  They are also giving information on who these people are to our enemies.” 

He was also critical of leaving US military resources and technology behind that the Taliban now can use against us. 

“It is a real travesty what has happened over there.  All of this could have been avoided.  We have the best intelligence capability and the best military in the world.  We knew what was happening as the Taliban took over the country.  We should have sent more resources and we shouldn’t have given up.” 

He filed the Prioritize Evacuation of U.S. Citizens in Afghanistan Act.  He wants the U.S. Department of Defense to submit a plan for getting trapped Americans out. 

Paramedic explains benefits of narcan in Okeechobee 

Overdose deaths have ticked up during the pandemic. 

The use of narcan and its advantages were explained at a class on Sunday. 

Retired paramedic Luis Garcia said the drug has saved lives in Okeechobee. 

“I know for a fact we have already saved 11 people by law enforcement and the sheriff’s office.  Three were saved in the City of Okeechobee and we have had seven civilians saved by the narcan I’ve provided.” 

Today is National overdose awareness day. 

Narcan spray, or Naloxone, is a prescription drug that can treat narcotic overdoses in an emergency situation. 

It is often used at home for accidental overdoses. 

It is needle free, and requires no special medical training. 

Sheriff gives hand to stop illegal dumping 

The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office has been cracking down on illegal dumping and livestock abuse as part of Operation Loose Wire. 

The sheriff has an agriculture deputy and he responds to about 30 calls a month for illegal dumping. 

Livestock abuse reports are rare. 

Spokesperson Scott Dressel said the sheriff have been active this month. 

“We had 10 trespass complaints on agriculture lands, issued six trespass warnings, worked three livestock complaints with livestock being out of their pens, checked habitual dumping locations, and took in four illegal dumping complaints in the first week.” 

Arrest logs showed over a dozen arrests, many in the Lorida area, for illegal harvesting of saw palmetto berries. 

Dressel welcomed residents in rural areas to contact the sheriff’s office if they see anything suspicious. 

“We preach it everyday, if you see something say something.  If you see someone dumping trash illegally or something strikes you as wrong like livestock not being cared for, please call us.