News Cast 8/31

News Cast for August 31st:

Looking for more money 

The Okeechobee Board of County Commissioners approved $62 increases with Waste Management for garbage pickup. 

The residential bill will go to $300 per year. 

The fire and EMS taxes are also going up by three percent. 

The fire fee goes from $116 to $120. 

The ems fee goes from $110 to $113. 

The county also learned bed taxes have set a record already with $376,000 collected as of earlier this month. 

The previous record was $372,000. 

They also set a one month record in March with over $75,000 collected. 

Commissioners honored OHS tennis player Courtney Marker who won the state and national tennis titles with the Special Olympics this summer. 

The county approved $85,000 for improvements to the softball field at the sports complex and $65 thousand to host the Bass Master Elite fishing tournament.  It will be held from February 16-19, 2023 and include national television coverage. 

The Florida Department of Transportation will hold a public meeting next Thursday at the Presbyterian Church on North Parrott Avenue at 4:30 pm to discuss improvements to state road 70 in the city. 

County Commissioner David Hazellief wants them to explain why they aren’t maintaining 441 south. 

“You drive down 441 south and the potholes there are ridiculous.  You have a dip in front of Lightseys and the holes are everywhere.” 

He invited FDOT to a future meeting. 

Okeechobee will have a Veteran’s court next week. 

A kickoff planned on September 7th

Veterans will have more services available to them here in Okeechobee equal to those provided elsewhere in the 19th judicial circuit. 

The presiding judge will be Okeechobee County Judge Bill Wallace. 

The agencies involved include the state attorney, public defender, law enforcement, probation, case managers and various veteran’s organizations and support groups. 

The Martin County Commission approved a rezoning for the White Tail Solar Energy Center in Indiantown. 

It will be built on 1,261 acres just east of the village.  About half of the project will remain in agriculture production. 

It is also right next to the C-44 reservoir and storm water treatment area. 

Peter Walden said the facility will 74.5 megawatt solar farm north of Citrus Boulevard. 

It will power up to 15,000 customers. 

They have 16 solar centers under construction in Florida including one in Fort Drum. 

The Clewiston City Council wasurged to support a flag pole project along US 27. 

Veteran Joe Lee said there is a lot of support for this project he’s been working on it for 12 years. 

“It is not an issue of money.  All of the veterans, and patriots and civic organizations as well as the Seminole Tribe of Florida are all willing to donate to put up this flag.” 

The estimated price is $150,000. 

City Council urged staff to make this project a priority. 

Clewiston Police have also been stopping motorists for playing their music too loud under a new state law. 

They will issue warnings through September and then start writing tickets. 

The fine is $114 dollars.