News Cast 9/1

News Cast for September 1st:

The jury speaks 

An Okeechobee jury convicted Kevin Hughes of first degree murder charges late Wednesday night. 

He strangled his wife 40 year old Jennifer Benson Hughes after an argument on property in Viking in April, 2019. 

He is facing life in prison. 

Hughes originally had claimed he acted in self-defense. 

The victim was Jennifer Benson Hughes, 40. 

The incident occurred in a residence at the Kissimmee Prairie State Park Preserve in northwest Okeechobee County. 

Military veterans can get a teaching job easier in Florida. 

They can get temporary teaching certificates if they have at least 60 credit hours. 

They have five years to get their teaching certificate. 

Okeechobee Assistant Superintendent of Schools Dylan Tedders said the governor announced the changes in August.   

He said veterans would be a good asset to tap into. 

“It’s a good deal for veterans.  If you can a subject area course on what you are going to teach, you are pretty close anyway.  You have five years to finish up a bachelor’s degree and become fully certified.  That is better than the deal given to new teachers coming out of college.” 

The state attorney dropped misdemeanor battery charges against Dr. Saeed Khan. 

Dr. Khan was acquitted last August at a jury trial in another case involving improper touching allegations. 

The second case ended in a mistrial in March when the judge ruled a prosecutor had made an improper argument when he compared Dr. Khan to Larry Nassar, the disgraced Olympic gymnastics coach convicted of sexual abuse. 

Head of the Okeechobee State Attorneys office Ashley Albright said the victim did not want to go through another trial and that played a huge role in his decision. 

A civil litigation that sought $500,000 in damages from one of the females was voluntarily dismissed earlier this year. 

Both sides paid their legal fees and attorney costs. 

Dr. Khan’s attorney Michael Knecht, in a written response, claimed the sole purpose of the battery allegation was to extort money from his client. 

The Indiantown Village Council will spend $62,000 to add asphalt aprons on 31 driveways in Booker Park. 

Indiantown also continues to pursue new retail businesses as new homes get built. 

A consultant said most retailers want to wait until more homes are built in Indiantown before coming to town. 

Vice Mayor Anthony Dowling wants the village to consider a lockdown due to the increases in monkey pox cases in the state 

“We could possibly headed toward some kind of half lockdown due to how contagious it is and how effective it has been to spreading.”