News Cast 9/21


September 21, 2023

News Cast for September 21st:

Scott visits Big Lake

US Senator Rick Scott talked about Lake Okeechobee, agriculture, the possible impeachment of the president, and the indictments of former President Trump during a trip to the Big Lake region.

Scott took a tour on Lake Okeechobee, spoke at a celebration of agriculture event in Clewiston, and spoke at the Okeechobee Republican Party dinner.

Scott said he supports the probe into the impeachment of President Joe Biden.

“I think what the house is doing in the right thing, they are doing an investigation first and see if it leads to impeachment, in contrary to what they did with Trump which was impeach first and then see if they can prove it.”

He agreed that there is too much court actions in regard to elections.

He defended the rights of former President Trump to verify the results of the 2020 election, recalling his court struggle to earn his victory over Bill Nelson in 2018.

“We won by 57,000 votes and democrats came down and said we are going to win through the court system.  Unfortunately what you have to do is win your election and prove you won the election.  The president was focused on winning the election and I think he did.”

The former Governor defended his environmental record on Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades and promises full support of our farmers and ranchers in the development of the 2024 Farm bill.  He plans to host Arkansas Senator John Boozman, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, next Monday.

The US Army Corps of Engineers made no changes to the release schedule from Lake Okeechobee this week.   The lake rose slightly to 15.41 feet.

They are sending water south when possible and pulse releases out to the west.

Commander of the Jacksonville District Col. Jamie Booth said they continue to work on LOSOM and continue to talk with the National Marine Fisheries service over the impacts on endangered turtles.  There was no update this week.

Col. Booth said the lake health is not improving.  He said his goal is to get the lake down into the ecological envelope as soon as possible after hurricane season.

The Moore Haven City Council welcomed the idea of a farmers market on the cities riverfront.

One Saturday morning per month a group of perhaps 20 farmers and vendors could use the waterfront for the market around city hall.

Organizer Anna Salgado said she wanted to know the process and how she could make this a reality.

“What would it take to allow us to do a market.  We are thinking in front of city hall, get a bunch of local vendors, local farmers, and bring fresh produce.”

The city is finalizing their budget and planned five percent pay hikes.  They also are automating their garbage trucks with automatic pickup arms called sidewinders.

The also plan to provide funds for Wreaths Across America, the Glades Economic Council, Toys for Tots and Project Graduation.