Newscast for Friday, September 16th 2022

Commissioner suggests county purchase downtown land

A private firm would like to develop the entire block south of the court house on Park Street.

They are in negotiations to purchase the southern portion and asked the county is they would be interested in selling the half of the block they currently own.

Commissioner Brad Goodbread said the county ought to purchase the entire block noting it would give a great view of the court house to motorists and provide a link with Flagler Park.

“It is a quality of life issue.  I’d like to see us look at that again to purchase that or work a deal with owner financing.  Once that land is gone, its gone forever.”

No official action was taken but the commission showed no interest in selling their half of the block at this time.

A new three-year contract agreed to between teachers and Glades County schools.

Beginning teacher pay bumped up to $50,000 per year.

Superintendent Dr. Beth Barfield said teachers were satisfied with the agreement.

“I’m happy that teachers feel like there is fairness and transparency.  When I talk to them the teachers ask me to talk to the school board and let them know they appreciate that they took the time to sit with the union.  If there is a problem I know the teachers will come to me.”

A Florida Department of Education committee ranked Moore Haven Elementary School as number one for special facility funding this year.

The district would like to get over $65 million to replace the school.

Today is the 94th anniversary of the storm of 1928 over Lake Okeechobee.

A ceremony at 10 am at Port Mayaca will remember the victims.

Pahokee Mayor Keith Babb said it had a devastating impact on Glades communities.

“It’s a celebration of those that survived the hurricane and a remembrance of those that died.  The majority of those that died were migrant workers who came to Pahokee during the season to work.”

Some 1,600 people are buried in a mass grave at the cemetery who were lost in the storm.

Okeechobee City police arrested a man last month who allegedly wouldn’t let a female leave a motel room.

The arrest report claimed 59 year old Murphy Simmons took the woman’s cell phone and demanded sexual relations.

Charges include attempted sexual battery and false imprisonment.

The Lorida man was in jail on $30,000 bond.

The seepage wall was completed in the 8.5 square mile area.

South Florida water managers said it allows them to send more water south.

They add it will prevent nearby communities from flooding.

Eric Eikenberg of the Everglades Foundation said it keeps lake water away from the coasts.

“And that is the whole point of redirecting and re-engineering water as it goes through the Everglades.  It sends more water south and ends a problem that has plagued countless governing boards.”

It will also send more water into Everglades National Park.