OCRA Youth Soccer Registration Now through August 30th

YOUTH SOCCER REGISTRATION OPEN THROUGH AUGUST 30TH* Ages 5 – 13 yrs * $60 per participant – Cost includes; Jersey, shorts and socks

All registration will be on-line. Please follow these steps:•Go to: https://okeeparksandrec.recdesk.com/Community/Home• Click: Login and “Create New Account”.

Set up an account as the head of your household (please use the parents information).•

Once your account is created select “Add Household Member” to add your child/children to your account. •

Select “Programs”• Select “Register Now” under Youth Soccer•

Select your child’s name under “Member” (If your child’s name is not visible please go back and “Add Household Member” on your profile page.•

Select “Registration Only” under Fee Type• Click “Save”•

On the next page select “Add New Registration” if you have another child to add or “Go To Checkout”• Select “Complete Form” to finish the registration process. THIS MUST BE DONE TO ENSURE REGISTRATION.•

Select “I Have Completed All Forms”•

Click “Continue”• Once registration is complete call the office during normal business hours to confirm and pay registration fee.

For more information or any questions please call Parks and Recreation at (863)-763-6950.

(If this is your child first year playing soccer we will need a copy of the birth certificate.)