OHS Softball Holds Awards Banquet (AUDIO INCLUDED)

From left to right: Assistant Coach Kelci Breaux, seniors Abigail Whitlock, Lauren Sills, Faith Vest and head coach Mary Huff

Okeechobee Softball held their annual end of the year awards banquet last week to recognize the 2021 District champions.

Freshman letter winners recognized were: Riley Tucker, Lexi Thomas and Cherylynn Bohannon.

Sophomore letter winners were: Angel Collier, Leslie Cruz, Hannah Frank, Morgan Hancock, Jaclyn Pearce, Laci Prescott and Jasell Rueda.

Junior letter winners were: Elle Thomas, Robbie Talley, Madison Lilly, Madison Hargraves and Marysa Farmer.

Seniors recognized were Lauren Sills, Abigail Whitlock and Faith Vest.

Among those honored were freshman Lexi Thomas who won “Rookie of the year” for her contributions as a first-year player. Thomas batted .333 this season and was tied for second on the team in total hits.

Lexi ‘s older sister Elle Thomas was the starting shortstop for the team last year and both will get another year playing together on the same team.

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Sophomore catcher Jaclyn Pearce was named the offensive player of the year. Pearce led the team in hits and batted over .400 on the season. When Pearce was inserted into the leadoff spot midway through the season, the overall offense began to pick up.

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From left to right: Kelci Breauz, Madison Hancock, Angel Collier, Hannah Frank, Jaclyn Pearce, Laci Prescott, Leslie Cruz and Mary Huff

Junior Madison Hargraves and senior Abigail Whitlock each won the “Will To Win” award given to the players dedicated to everything it took to win. Qualifications for the award included field maintenance, practice mentality and overall attitude on game days.

Hargraves is proud of the team’s district championship and hope that the momentum rolls over into next year.

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Whitlock had a utility role this year, never certain where or when she would be in the lineup but took her role seriously. She says she wanted to be a good example for younger players looking to crack the lineup.

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From left to right: Kelci Breaux, Freshmen Cherylynn Bohannon, Riley Tucker, Lexi Thomas and Head Coach Mary Huff

Senior Faith Vest won Defensive Player of the Year. Vest has been a fixture in centerfield for 3 seasons and covered a wide area in the outfield.

Vest will attend Florida Gulf Coast University in the fall and is undecided if she will play softball.

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Sophomore Laci Prescott was named the team MVP. Prescot took over as the teams’ number 1 pitcher and responded with a 7-5 record and a very good 2.22 ERA.

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Senior Lauren Sills won “The Brahman Award” which exemplifies everything it takes to be a Brahman including on field production, leadership and work ethic.

Sills was honored in receiving the award.

Sills hit .333 on the year and led the team in runs scored.

Sills will attend Florida State in the fall and study biology. She says she will always remember how their team never gave up.

Lauren’s mother Tracy won the first ever “Golden Whisk Award” being recognized for bringing the best home-made dessert.

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The Brahmans won the district title this year defeating South Fork before falling to Bayside in the regional tournament. It was the third district championship won under head coach Mary Huff.

From left to right, juniors Marysa Farmer, Madison Lilly, Robbie Talley, Madison Hargraves and Elle Thomas