Okeechobee Blood Roundup Enters Seventeenth Year (AUDIO INCLUDED)

From left to right: Kiwanis member Frank Irby, Okeechobee Blood Roundup coordinator Raye Deusinger, Kiwanis member Dowling Watford and Kiwanis member John Williams

Okeechobee Blood Roundup coordinator Raye Deusinger spoke to the Kiwanis Club of Okeechobee recently to promote the 2022 Okeechobee Blood Roundup set for November 19th and 20th.

This is the seventeenth year the Round Up has happened in Okeechobee and Deusinger says it takes about four months of planning and thirty to forty volunteers to make happen.

Deusinger says aside from the humanitarian reasons, donating blood is healthy. On average a man decreases their risk of heart attack by donating blood three times a year.

Deusinger estimates that Okeechobee has donated nearly 6000 units of blood though Blood Roundup

Okeechobee Blood Roundup Coordinator Raye Deusinger talks to Kiwanis Club of Okeechobee