Operation Ride Right

Living in a rural area has some tremendous advantages.

Sadly, with those advantages, there are times when others’ actions force stricter enforcement of some regulations that, in most other cases, can be addressed leniently with discretion.  

Our communications center has seen an increase in U.A.V. (Side by Side), Golf cart, Mini-bike, go-cart, and ATV complaints regarding driving recklessly through neighborhoods. These complaints, combined with several accidents our community has witnessed involving severe injury or death lately, involving our young people not supervised or not wearing mandated safety gear, have forced us to stop the leniency.

Therefore, in August, all uniformed patrol, even those in unmarked patrol vehicles from the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office, will be actively involved in Operation Ride Right.

Operation Ride-Right targets U.A.V. (Side by Side), Golf cart, Mini-bike, go-cart, and ATV complaints through neighborhoods or on public roadways.  

We hope that through education and strict enforcement, we send a message to the young people and parents to take responsibility and use caution by following the law when operating these vehicles.

Civil or criminal infractions, including impounding vehicles, may result from your actions should you violate the laws governing these vehicles and their use.