Recent Arrest via Okeechobee Country Sheriff’s Office

In the afternoon of January 10th, 2023, the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call about a stabbing at the Texaco gas station located at 4993 US 441 South, Okeechobee.

The victim was inside a parked vehicle when their sibling became enraged, and an argument about the suspect’s (Kenna Leffler, age 59)  excessive drinking started.

During the argument, the two witnesses in the car stated that Kenna Leffler produced a pocket knife and stabbed her sibling in the neck with the 4-inch blade.

One witness knocked the knife out of her hand and held onto Leffler as they drove the victim directly to the hospital.

911 was called, giving the initial information about the stabbing and updates on their location and the victim’s status.  

When the group arrived at the hospital, Okeechobee City Police Officers, who had been monitoring the radio, were waiting on the scene.

The witnesses in the car could identify Kenna Leffler as the stabbing suspect, and O.C.P.D. secured her until detectives arrived.

The knife was located on the floorboard where Leffler was seated.

The victim and witnesses stated there had been a history of death threats from the sister towards this sibling, but no one thought the suspect would ever take it to this level.  

Kenna Leffler was arrested on the charge of Premeditated Attempted Murder and is being held without bond at the Okeechobee County Jail Facility.

The victim is expected to recover from the stab wound.