Socks For Seniors

This will be our 3rd year that the Chamber of Commerce will be sponsoring our, Socks 4 Seniors, and once again we need YOU to help make this event one that will put smiles on the faces and warm the hearts and toes of many of our seniors.  Most facilities were in a locked down or semi-locked down position for months, but now are open and ready for visitors.  We want to continue helping senior citizens living in Nursing homes to bring some Holiday cheer and cover the feet of many of our elderly seniors.  This has certainly been an unusual couple years for most everyone. 

We are asking YOU to please get involved today by purchasing, preferably NEW NON-SKID BACKED socks, bright colored, funny patterns, Christmas designs and that they be ped, mid or crew length. They MUST be NEW socks and… if possible, HAVE NON-SKID BACKINGS.  Those are the ones MOST in NEED at this time. No slipping and sliding with those!  We will however accept ALL sock types that you would like to donate to our Seniors. 

Quoting a 91 year old nursing home resident… “We’re just old, not dead and we still have a sense of humor!” So, go ahead and purchase those fuzzy, warm, colorful, silly, funky and funnier patterned socks and drop them off here at the Chamber.  Plain colored socks will work also.

This year we will be able to package them and will ask for volunteers to help get them all ready.  We will take them to our various senior facilities as soon as we can so they can be handed out to their residents. 

We’ve had several to say that they are ordering directly from our Local businesses and some from online sources and having them shipped directly to us here at the Chamber.  Great idea!  Please feel free to do the same.

The deadline to receive socks will be Tuesday, December 14th so that we have time to get them delivered before Christmas.  We wanted to get this out early so that there is plenty of time to collect the socks and get them distributed.

Remember, the holidays are supposed to be a fun time and the friendliest and most giving time of the year.  But, for some it can also be lonely and depressing and many times our seniors can get lost in the hustle and bustle.  Let’s get busy, put our best foot forward and I can’t wait to see how our community gives to those that are worth more than just a pair of socks!…don’t you think?

If you would like to volunteer to help count and package them up, please email or give us a call.  We’ll start packaging them on Wednesday, December 15th and hopefully be completed on Thursday, December 16th.