United Against Poverty Speaks To Kiwanis Club (AUDIO INCLUDED)

UAP Campus Director Sean Howald (right) with Kiwanis Club of Okeechobee member Greg Thogerson

The Kiwanis Club of Okeechobee welcomed Sean Howald form the organization United Against Poverty at a recent meeting.

Howald is the Campus Director and spoke to the club about several services the organization provides. United Against Poverty (UAP) has facilities in Orlando, Vero Beach and Fort Pierce and serve families locally from Okeechobee, Fort Pierce and Port St Lucie.

U.A.P works with food insecurities to help families 200% or more below the federal poverty line through a program called Member Share Program (MSGP). MSGP is a dignified food and household assistance program where income-qualified members can personally select the food, hygiene and household items their family needs. Members contribute a small handling fee per item to help offset fuel, fright, warehouse and overhead costs, which allow the MSGP to be self-sustainable. Families may visit as often as they like, saving up to 70% of their household food and product budget.

Howald also spoke about the Success Training Employment Program (STEP), a three-phase adult workforce training program designed to help individuals overcome barriers to employment.

The final servicer Howald discussed was their Crisis Stabilization Program (CSP) where those in crisis can come for the resources and coaching needed to stabilize their life and work towards removing barriers to self-sufficiency.

To learn more about United Against Poverty, log onto UPSLC.ORG

Sean Howald speaks about United Againts Poverty services