WOKC News For Monday, November 8th

Potential landing spots for water 

 Water storage north of Lake Okeechobee is the current focus of the South Florida Water Management District. 

They are soliciting proposals most of this month for projects from private landowners who can store water on their property. 

Governing Board member Ben Butler said he’d like to secure 1 million acre feet of storage.  He added that would reduce phosphorus that enters Lake Okeechobee by a couple hundred tons. 

He said this is where land owners and ranchers can help the lake. 

“It will protect and make better and safer our water.  Its important to have water storage and water quality projects north of the lake.  This will impact the water flowing into the lake.  We need to be able to moderate the ebbs and flows of Lake Okeechobee.” 

The US Army Corps of Engineers delayed until Nov. 16 the final draft of the new lake regulation schedule. 

Butler said this plan won’t be helping the ecology of the lake. 

“Going into the LOSOM process we knew that the health of Lake Okeechobee would not be helped by a new system operation manual.” 

Criminal activity 

Okeechobee deputies make a traffic stop after a motorist wouldn’t lower his high beams. 

A bright light bar at the front grill of a vehicle led to the traffic stop on North West 50th Avenue. 

Keith Woods, 59 was charged with possession of fentanyl. 

He was also charged with driving on a suspended license and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Bond was set at $11,250. 

Three people were shot in Pahokee after the Muck Bowl on Saturday. 

One person was in critical condition, one in serious condition and the third had minor injury. 

Palm Beach Deputies are investigating the shooting. 

The incident was in the area of South Lake Avenue and Daniel Place. 

Deputies said they were trying to break up a large party when they heard several gunshots and found the injured parties. 

Two adult men and one adult woman were hospitalized. 

Martin County Sheriff deputies got their man in a fatal Indiantown stabbing. 

Romeo Marco Francisco-Francisco, 20 has not been charged with the murder last weekend.  He was picked up on a robbery warrant. 

He faces charges in the death of 21 year old Manuel Souy Perechu of Indiantown. 

Second man was stabbed on a side street in Booker Park.  That individual survived. 

Martin County Deputies said Francisco-Francisco was also a suspect in another recent attack and stabbing. 

He was arrested without incident at an Indiantown home by deputies and US Marshalls. 

Pahokee city commission meetings remain contentious 

A recall election could be held targeting the three members of the majority, Sara Perez, Regina Bohlen and Juan Gonzales. 

Pahokee Mayor Keith Babb said local residents are no longer being hired for city jobs. 

“Folks are a little upset that people being selected for jobs and opportunities are being handpicked and not competitively processed.  I’m hearing that tonight.” 

City Attorney Gary Brandenburg said the real problem is Babb’s friends are not being hired any longer. 

Babb said opposed the city going to court with former manager Chandler Williamson for $250,000 the city claims it is owed. 

He said the city has also targeted employees for termination. 

Vice Mayor Bohlen said that wasn’t the case. 

“That doesn’t even make sense.  You are saying we targeted somebody in March for termination.  In May we appointed her city manager.  Your statement doesn’t make sense.” 

Commissioner Clara Murvin was criticized for possibly breaking the law by contacting the Florida Department of Transportation to discuss a local project. 

Brandenburg said that was legal grounds for removal from office.