Yearling Middle School To Begin Middle School Baseball Program (AUDIO INCLUDED)

Yearling Middle School Coach Bob Wisniewski

As the softball programs did a few years ago, baseball is planning on starting up it’s own programs at Yearling and Osceola Middle Schools this spring. Yearling Middle School teacher Bob Wisniewski (Wis-New-Ski) has been named Yearling’s coach and is tasked with raising enough money to fund the program. He has been pounding the pavement to introduce himself to the community. Wisniewski is in his first year of teaching in the Okeechobee County School district. Wisniewski teaches English at Yearling Middle School.

Wisniewski spoke with WOKC about starting up a program and what he is trying to accomplish. He estimates that he will need to raise approximately $20,000 to buy equipment and pay for travel.

Wisniewski is a baseball lifer through playing and coaching but he was also a very successful umpire where he was asked by Major League Baseball to ump Spring Training games.

You can listen to the entire interview right now on WOKC.COM and we will also play it tonight in it’s entirety during The Sports Grill at 6pm.

If you or your business would like to contribute to the Yearling Middle School program, contact Bob Wisniewski at Yearling Middle School or call him at 609-346-7412

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