News Cast 10/1

News Cast for October 1st:

Hoping for new leads 

The family of Kelley Sherman, missing now for over 16 months, said they still think and hope that Kelly can be found safe. 

Her sister Amber Hornsby said the national media attention given missing women like Gabby Petito, could help spur investigative leads in this case. 

“I think it has more attention to Kelly.  We have had several news media contacts recently.  I’m thankful for that.  I hope that with all the news coverage we will get some answers.” 

Sherman was last seen on May 10, 2020 at her apartment in the 600 block of NE Park Street. 

She is 32 years old, 5’4 and weighs about 120 pounds.   She has red hair and a cherry tattoo on her abdomen and stars on her foot. 

A $1,000 reward has been offered by the family to get information on her whereabouts. 

Okeechobee Police Detective Savanna Smith said they are still actively working the case.  She said public awareness brought on by national media coverage of missing women cases could help her investigation. 

“Seems like there has been a lot of national news of women that have gone missing.  We teach pay attention to your surroundings, not traveling alone, and telling people where you are and who you are with.” 

Hornsby said her sister was in an abusive relationship.  She said her boyfriend and or roommate should be more forthcoming about what happened to Kelly. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Smith at 763-9785. 

You can also provide anonymous tips to Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-800-273-8477. 

Sugar harvest begins 

The annual harvest season in the Glades began this morning. 

Moore Haven residents welcomed the Sugar Express for the first trip of the season. 

The steam locomotive will travel from Moore Haven to Clewiston this morning and be on display from noon until 5 pm at the Sugar Express facility at the corner of Basilian Cres and South Deane Duff Avenue. 

It was due to travel near the Langdale Road, Yaun Road and Park Avenue in Moore H aven, State Route 720, San Luiz Avenue, South Olympia Street, WC Owen Avenue and South Francisco Avenue this morning. 

First Baptist Church breaks ground on new worship center 

A 20,000 square foot worship center is now being built by the Okeechobee First Baptist Church. 

Dignitaries broke ground on the project this week. 

Pastor Mark McCarter said it was a huge day for the congregation. 

“I think there is a lot of excitement.  I got a lot of text messages and calls today.  The church has been very excited about it.  It is something that we really need to grow and effectively meet the needs of our community.” 

G.M. Worley is the local contractor.  The investment is close to $2 million. 

The church is using local contractors wherever they can to keep the investment local. 

They expect to be in the new center in 12 to 14. 

“There are some supply issues and we could be held up if we can’t get our hand on certain building materials. That is something a lot of people are facing.” 

McCarter said they we rerunning out of room for the two services they provide on Sunday morning at the existing church and the Recreation Outreach Center. 

Pahokee decides to go with Thompson 

Greg Thompson was selected as the new city manager in Pahokee. 

He had served as interim manager. 

The vote was 3-2 in favor with the current majority of Regina Bohlen, Sara Perez and Juan Gonzales in favor. 

Opponents said the search process should continue and interviews conducted with all of the candidates. 

Bohlen said she felt Thompson was a good fit for Pahokee. 

“It is not necessarily about a college education or anything other than a gentleman who can get the job done.” 

City commissioner Sara Perez said lets end the division in Pahokee. 

She said this group should be given a chance to see if they can help Pahokee move forward. 

She said the last administration was a failure. 

“Chandler Williamson applied and lied on his application.  He had no experience and he wasn’t a city manager.  He was a city slicker though.” 

Gonzales said he felt Thompson deserved a shot to see if he can get things done. 

“We haven’t gone anywhere, Pahokee hasn’t moved up.  The facts are the facts.  Look at how fast Belle Glade is growing.  They are progressing.  Pahokee has gone through several managers and hasn’t moved up.” 

Mayor Keith Babb said this decision smelled like white supremacy, nepotism and favoritism. 

“Everybody should have gotten an opportunity.  We needed to look at credentials and qualifications.  You just don’t walk into a job.  That is nepotism where you know somebody as a friend and a colleague and hire them.  That is just wrong.”