News Cast 10/12

News Cast for October 12th:

Okeechobee County wins lawsuit 

The Florida 4th district court of appeals ruled for the county and CSX railroad over a traffic crash that claimed a life. 

The court upheld a circuit court ruling in the case in favor of the defendants. 

Keli Rule died after an accident on Everglades Boulevard near the railroad crossing, prompting the negligence and wrongful death claim. 

The Rule Estate claimed the road had been recently resurfaced and was not properly marked.  They claimed the county and CSX had the duty to make sure the road was clearly marked. 

Judge Melanie May said if the county paved the road and owned the road they had the responsibility of marking the road. 

CSX attorney Dan Fleming claimed the pavement markings played no role in the accident. 

“She hadn’t even got to the crossing.  She crossed the center line and went off the road.  She missed the crossing because she went off the road well before she ever got there.” 

US Senator Rick Scott expects food and gas prices to continue to rise through the end of the year. 

He said the IRS also wants greater access to your financial records and access to every purchase you make over $600. 

Scott said the democrats want to see how much money they can grab. 

He said many families will have tough choices to make as prices rise. 

Glades finds leader for economic development efforts 

Rosemary Fllori was named the new executive director for the Glades Economic Council. 

She is a native of Florida and a graduate of Clewiston High School. 

She said she expects residential and business growth in Glades County. 

“I do think a lot of people will be moving here.  We are a lot more buffered than the coast for hurricanes.  We have seen the creep of growth along Southern Boulevard.” 

Fllori was asked why she chose to apply for this job. 

“I have a lot of management experience in higher education and the Norton Museum.  It is about looking at the big picture and putting the little parts together to move forward.” 

Glades County has been working to remodel office space that the council can use. 

Livestock struck on state road 

Two horses were killed after being struck by two vehicles in Buckhead Ridge Saturday evening. 

Glades County Sheriff Deputies said neither of the motorists were injured or charged.  Two other horses were placed back in a nearby pasture. 

The incident was on route 78 and occurred near the fire department building just before 8 pm. 

Okeechobee County will work on a policy about using metal detectors on county property. 

They approved an application from Shane Bryant of the Central Florida Metal Collectors Association to use certain county parks and the old jail. 

Bryant said he’s found some interesting items which include a belt buckle with a photo of Louisiana Raulerson, found on the Historical Society grounds. 

County administrator Debra Manzo said parks and recreation raised some concerns about this practice. 

She wanted to make sure the divots cut into the ground are replaced and repaired. 

Bryant assured they do the right thing and leave things they way they found them.