News Cast for October 13th:

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Alcohol means you need security

The Okeechobee Board of County Commissioners will consider allowing private security to work events at the Ag Civic Center.

They currently ask deputies where possible so they can supplement their incomes.

Commissioner Terry Burroughs said they have had no difficulty getting off duty deputies to work these events.

“I don’t have a problem getting security.  If I hire it out to a private agency that will shortchange our deputies.”

They note having deputies for security helps because they can make arrests.

Commissioner Brad Goodbread suggested allowing private security in the event deputies aren’t available for some reason.  He supports private enterprise.

Conservation areas south of the Lake are at capacity, making it harder to send water south out of Lake Okeechobee.

The South Florida Water Management District is building the A 2 stormwater area of 6,000 acres.  Once completed it will be devoted to handling overflow water from the lake.

Lawrence Glenn told the governing board they are in a better position this year despite the rains.

Water management officials said they aren’t expecting any problem in getting approval for northern storage next year from congress.  The projects include LOCAR a large reservoir in eastern Highlands County.

The federal government will study whether to classify manatees as endangered species.

The US Fish and Wildlife could shift them from a threatened species.

Seagrass loss in the Indian River lagoon and other areas led to an increase in manatee deaths.

1,100 died in 2021, 800 in 2022 and 476 so far this year.

The Martin County Fair Board continues to push ahead to move out to Indiantown.

They are asking Martin County for 44 more acres to accommodate their needs for parking.

They also will build a trail head for nature enthusiasts at the site off SW Citrus Boulevard.

Martin County Commissioner Ed Ciampi said they are closer than ever to a new fairgrounds.

“I feel energized that we are close now.  We are not the boy who cried wolf or anything like that.”

The Treasure Coast Agri-plex property already includes the new Indiantown High School.

The fair also wants to put in 75 RV spots.

An Okeechobee woman was held on $100,000 bond for allegedly striking a deputy with a wooden board.

Samantha Rubino faces two charges of battery on law enforcement and resisting arrest with violence.

The deputy responded to a domestic complaint on NE 1st Street September 19th.

She allegedly had thrown ice tea on a resident and was walking around in a shower curtain.  When deputies confronted her walking on the road, she refused to stop, and threw the board striking the deputy in the head.  She went on to kicked and punch him until backup officers could arrive.