News Cast 10/4

News Cast for October 4th:

Woman dies in early morning crash Saturday 

A single vehicle crash claimed the life of an Okeechobee woman in Basswood early Saturday. 

The Florida highway patrol said A 32 year old woman was east bound on North West 36th Street when the SUV went off the north shoulder of the road and struck two trees around midnight. 

The press release did not state if the driver wore her seat belt. 

Dogs seized after being found in poor conditions 

A tip from the public leads to an animal cruelty case. 

33 dogs and two chickens were seized by animal control officers on North West 288th Street on Friday. 

Brian Peffer faces 22 charges of animal cruelty and one count of providing false information to law enforcement. 

The dogs will be put up for adoption. 

Authorities said 22 dogs on the property were found in poor living conditions with no food or water. 

Some of the dogs had minor injuries.  Some were found in a storage shed with temperatures measured at 93 degrees. 

Church approved despite parking concern 

The Okeechobee City Board of Adjustments approved a special exception for a church at 1803 SW 3rd Avenue. 

The board decided to limit seating to 63 people due to a lack of parking. 

The city had waited a month due to concerns of vehicles parking on the street and rights of way. 

The building had been associated with a day care center north of the property and had been used as a chapel. 

Planning Board member Karyne Brass said the applicant should have known they would have a parking issue there when they visited the property. 

The applicant Celina Lorenzo said she thought they were purchasing a church when the bought the property. 

“The owner told us this was a church and is set up for a church.  I told her we were going to use it as a church and she said no problem.” 

Glades County had 14 inches of rain in one week in late September causing some flooding in Muse and Palmdale. 

Public Works Director Archie Branch said rains like that will test your drainage systems. 

“The water is running but its not running fast enough.  People buy property during the dry months and find out it wasn’t as dry as they thought it was.” 

The commission also approved a contract with Okeechobee County Fire Rescue to provide ambulance service for Buckhead Ridge and areas to Indian Prairie Canal.

The first year cost is $124,000. 

Commissioners opted not to pursue a fire tax this year. 

They are working on a plan to renovate the Buckhead Ridge Volunteer Fire Department building. 

Okeechobee would like Buckhead Ridge to provide them mutual aid for fire incidents. 

Commissioners also endorsed the hiring of Jennifer Hood to serve as Administrator of the Hendry Glades Health Department. 

They also appointed Tommy Perry and Valerie Kennedy to serve on the Glades Correctional Board of Directors. 

Avant Brown and former Sheriff Stuart Whiddon recently resigned their seats on the board.