News Cast for October 5th:

City supports tobacco free parks

The tobacco free program got support from city council.

The city would put up signs of no smoking in parks if the ban is enacted.

They did not support making Cattlemen’s Square tobacco free.

The city is looking to sell a communications tower to the OUA.

It would cost about $7,000 to tear it down.

Administrator Gary Ritter has created a working group to discuss the issue of affordable housing.  They plan to issue a report to local lawmakers.

The Okeechobee Historical Society honored the city for the work they’ve done to preserve the Primitive Baptist Church.

The Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office new therapy dog, K-9 Angel, has made an impact so far.

She has already helped deputies, witnesses and crime victims that have gone through trauma.

She is trained to sniff out stress and console victims and witnesses in their time of need.

Chief Deputy Michael Hazellief plans to train with Angel In December to expand her services at a program in Brevard County.

He said black Labradors are perfect for this kind of work.

“Dogs are like people to a certain extent.  I hate to say a certain breed does certain things but they all have a certain personality.  K-9 for Warriors really train them and vet them and know there is no type of aggression what’s so ever.”

K9s for warriors has provided therapy dogs for 17 law enforcement agencies, they also have trained them to help veterans.

“We are here for the victims.  We are here to serve the community and help the victim, not just by arrest and solving cases, but overcoming the trauma, that is the goal, that is the reason for this profession.”

Highlands County agreed to allow temporary use permits for those displaced by Hurricane Ian to continue using RVs.  The permit is good for up to 36 months.

County Commissioner Scott Kirouac said he’s supporting this but wants to make sure it isn’t abused.  He urged county staff to keep a close eye on these permits.

The county also created a chaplaincy program for fire rescue and heard from some Spring Lake residents complaining that recent county road work damaged yards, drainage, and culverts.

Another resident wants the county to intervene on a dispute with a neighbor he has over his cats.