News Cast 1/15


January 15, 2024

News Cast for January 15th:

The Okeechobee County Commission will consider a request for overnight parking in county facilities like the Okee Tantie Recreation Area, the Scott Driver Boat Ramp, and the Clif Betts Junior Recreation Area Lock 7.

They have long been concerned about vandalism at night, especially at Lock 7 and with locking the date to keep people out overnight.

They have reported some recent vandalism at the bathrooms at the park.

Parks and Recreation Director Denise Whitehead said the Florida Paddling Association wanted to park vehicles overnight at Okee Tantie as they do a kayaking voyage on the Kissimmee River.

The association wants to add the river to the Blue Way Paddling Trail that would include some primitive campsites along the river in Okeechobee and Highlands County.

Commission Chairman David Hazellief was concerned this would add to the burden of sheriff deputies who would have to spend time each night in these parking lots checking permits.

An Okeechobee man faces charges in multiple jurisdictions after he allegedly stole a trailer in Bunnell and sold it in Okeechobee.

Patrick Abel, 34, allegedly stole the trailer on Dec. 27 from a business in Bunnell.

Thanks to nearby surveillance cameras law enforcement was able get a description of the truck. They also caught footage of the license plate number.

Abel told law enforcement he was in Lake City at the time.  The arrest report said once he was confronted with the video evidence he confessed to stealing the trailer and selling it in Okeechobee for $2,000.

Charges will include grand theft motor vehicle, possession of drug paraphernalia, and other counts of theft in other jurisdictions, Bunnell Police said.

The stolen trailer was recovered.

18th District Florida Congressman Scott Franklin introduced a resolution in the house to voice disapproval of the USDA withholding school lunch money from schools that do not comply with sexual orientation and gender identity policies.

Franklin said this is the U.S Government co-parenting children.   It will lead to shared bathrooms and locker rooms at school campuses, he added.

Franklin said it will also mean boys and girls get to compete against each other in sports at school.

Supporters of the resolution said parents should not have to worry about transgender indoctrination so their child can have a school lunch.

The federal government provides low cost and free lunches to 29.6 million kids each day in schools.

The Indiantown Village Council agreed to purchase $1.6 million in ad valorem revenue notes so they can purchase and equip the new village hall.  The interest rate at the bank was 4.71 percent.

They want to sell property they own on SW Warfield Blvd.  The asking price is $3 million.  They will use this revenue to pay off the notes.

The village hall is located at 15516 SW Osceola Street.

The purchase was expected to go through by the end of 2023.