News Cast 1/19

News Cast for January 19th:

There has been 3,011 cases of Covid-19 in Okeechobee County since March 2020 with 21 new cases in the last week. As of right now there are 56 deaths in the county.. For more information on Covid-19 in and around Okeechobee County please go to this website: <— click that link for information via Okeechobee County Health Department

Report suspicious solicitations or COVID-19 vaccine-related advertisements to the Attorney General’s Office by calling 1(866) 9NO-SCAM or visiting

Discipline but not termination

An Okeechobee High school teacher who zip tied a student to a classroom chair, was disciplined, but is now teaching again in the classroom.

Assistant Superintendent Dylan Tedders would not divulge the disciplinary measures taken. He admits district policy does allow for restraining students at times, but it was not appropriate in this incident. Video footage came to light in December that appeared to show the teacher zip-ting the student to a chair in a classroom. WPTV Channel 5 originally received video from viewers.

Tedders said the teacher expressed remorse for their actions. He said they did the investigation by the book and alerted all the appropriate agencies.