News Cast 1/25


January 26, 2024

News Cast for January 25th:

Multiple agencies are trying to clean up a junk filled yard on SE 24th Street.

The county commission added it to their agenda this week as a public health nuisance.

Officials said the yard is full of trash, scrap, debris and vehicles.

Boats are also in the canal.

There was an accusation of illegal dumping of waste water into the canal.

County Attorney Wade Vose said legally the county can hire a firm to clean up the property and charge the resident.

Commission Chairman David Hazellief says the county needs to take action immediately.

There has been a code enforcement case on the property for close to two years.

Sheriff Noel Stephen says the property owner is currently in jail.  He said the county needs to do a better job so properties do get in this kind of condition.

The Florida joint legislative auditing committee ordered a check of the financial books of the city of Pahokee.

Rep. Rick Roth said residents claim $2 million has been misappropriated for various city rehabilitation projects.

He also questions the lack of use of the city marina on Lake Okeechobee.  He said the city has failed to maintain the marina in a situation where it would attract usage.

Roth said the audit will find out what the truth is.

An Okeechobee man faces 13 felony charges related to child pornography.

33-year-old Richard Berglund’s residence on SE 36th Avenue was searched after Okeechobee Sheriff Investigators got a tip about the pornography.

The charges include seven counts of possession and five counts of transmission of child porn.

Glades County doesn’t want more repeats of October’s tractor trailer vs train crash near Palmdale.

They are interested in pursuing federal funding for an overpass on US 27.

Resident JC Long told commissioners this was quite a mess for the county and travelers.

He said there was no signs to tell motorists where to go or where the detour was resulting in a lot of traffic jams and confusion on the road.

Glades County Commission Chairman Tim Stanley has met with officials in the federal government and learned there could be money available.  It would be an 80-20 grant situation.

The state could provide the other 20 percent or perhaps the sugar industry.