News Cast 1/9

News Cast for January 9th:

We like them ball players

The Okeechobee City Council honored professional baseball players Kutter and Johnathon Crawford.

They also chose Dowling Watford to continue as Mayor and named Monica Clark Vice Mayor.

They also supported some changes to firework regulations. 

Fireworks would be allowed

-on New Years Eve from 1 pm to 1 am New Year’s morning.

-On New Years Day from 11 am until 11 pm.

-On July 4th from 11 am until 11 pm.

City attorney John Fumero said the city can take action if the fireworks are deed a public nuisance or hazard if set off too close to homes.

City Police Officers would enforce the law.

The city reported few complaints from the 2022 New Years Eve celebrations.

The city received $660,000 from the federal government to improve city hall.

The Healthy Start Coalition assisted 430 children with Christmas gifts.  They also purchased the Osceola Building on SW 5th Avenue and plan to renovate it.

Glades County Commissioners decided not to buy the bank.

They had considered the old Seacoast bank on US 27 to use for the sheriff and his administrative offices.

Instead they plan to stay at the Glades Detention Center, their current location, for the next year.

The city of Moore Haven brought up the idea that they could buy the bank building and use it for city hall.

Councilmember Jan Gunn made the suggestion and noted it would suit the cities needs.

“Why couldn’t we get a hold of the guy that owns the bank and move the city hall to the bank.  We can use this as a recreation center.  We don’t have to do as many upgrades to that building as the county.”

She noted the county needed 10 offices and the city only 4.  It also has a drive thru window for payments of utility bills.

The city does plan to ask the state for funding to help them renovate city hall and create a more private office space for the city clerk.

The city also will be asking for funding from the state to install advanced meter reading for electric and water customers.

The city council, county commission and school board all meet in Moore Haven tonight to discuss issues like hurricane shelters.  That meeting is at 6 pm at Moore Haven Junior-Senior High School.

The city also would like the county to decide whether they want to create a housing authority where they can sell revenue bonds to make some money.