News Cast 11/22

News Cast for November 22nd:

Farming family honored

The Rucks Family and Milkin R Dairy were honored with a special recognition at the Farm-City week luncheon.

Sutton Rucks said farming is a passion for his family.

“I think most farmers if they were true businessmen, they would look at the return on the investment and walk away.  We enjoy doing it because we feed thousands of people each day.  When we take all the production that we make and the annual consumption of dairy products, we produce enough milk for 80,000 people per day.”

Rucks added his farm does all it can to help the environment.

“Things happen.  If we get a 20 inch rain event there will be some water that leaves our farm.  We capture most of the water on our farm in ponds and reservoirs. We use it to clean the barn or growing crops or whatever.”

They also produce local products and sell ice cream.  They also report a good response to the farm tours they offer.

Reorganization of the county commission and school board today.

David Hazellief was elected chairman.

Frank DeCarlo took the oath of office for county commission

Christine Brennan Bishop will take the oath for the school board.

Farm-City week continues until November 23.

Jarad Plair told Hendry County commissioners farming remains an important part of our economy.

Hendry commissioners opted to support two companies wanting to expand broadband internet.

Commissioner Mitchell Wills complained many providers don’t want to help the county but still want to build cell towers there.

The commission delayed until December a decision on whether to go to court to seek an eviction for airport tenant Brickell Aviation.

A shooting claims a life in Pahokee.

One man was seriously injured and hospitalized.

Palm Beach Sheriff investigators are looking into the shooting.

The shooting in the 400 block of North Coconut Road on Saturday morning just after midnight.

Jobless rates remain low.  Okeechobee stood at 2.7 percent in October.

The state said our labor force has declined by 117 workers in the past year.

Glades County added 123 workers in the last year. They had 2.8 percent unemployment in October.

Labor economist Jimmy Heckman said private sector jobs in the state have increased by 5.6 percent in the past year

He said the state economy can withstand an expected recession in 2023.

The state reported the average wage in Okeechobee increased by 4.3 percent or $1,732 dollars in the past year.

The average wage in the state rose by eight percent or $4,459.

The final round of storm debris pickup begins this week in Okeechobee.

Okeechobee County officials said they expect the work to be completed by December 10th.

They had picked up 150,000 cubic yards of materials as of last Friday.