News Cast 11/9

News Cast for November 9th:

How much will they spend? 

Okeechobee County Commissioners are expected to decide how much they will provide for the cattlemen’s square project in downtown Okeechobee on Friday. 

Okeechobee Main Street appealed to them for funding. 

President Angie Griffin said the artist was paid $230,000.  They owe about $140,000 to the artist and $20,000 for installation and shipping. 

Griffin thanked local cattlemen for their support of the project. 

“They are designed to replicate the cattle that were in our area in the 1960s.  We met with several local ranchers and discussed what they thougth would be best.  That is what they decided in what they would want.” 

She said ranchers want the cattle drive to look as realistic as possible. 

Cattlemen Wes Williamson said the cattle drive sculpture will be something positive for ranchers and farmers. 

He said visitors could learn something about the value of the beef industry to Florida. 

“A lot of people don’t realize the amount of beef cattle in Florida.  We want them to know that.  They think of the beaches and Walt Disney World.  There is a tremendous amount of cattle and a lot of business that revolves around that.  It’s important to know the economic impacts of cattle in the state.” 

The city provided some in kind funding from public works to prepare the site and also paid for an architect to design plans for the downtown parks. 

A murder at Okeechobee correctional earlier this year has resulted in charges against an inmate 

49 year old David Montanez was arrested on a murder warrant this weekend. 

Few details have been released.  Montanez was given his first appearance in court and remanded back to the custody of the department of corrections. 

The village of Indiantown is looking to develop a village hall and municipal complex. 

Two firms are competing to be the architects on the project and no final decision has yet been made. 

Architect Sam Ferrori of PGAL architects said it is important to get input from village staff and elected officials to understand the vision they have.  He said they must also have flexibility so the facility can grow as the village grows. 

Architect Rick Gonzales of REG Architects said this project will have a huge impact on the future of Indiantown. 

‘You have a great history and a great location.  This is a community project.  There will be a community center as part of the building.  It is important you hear from all seven architectural firms that have submitted an application.” 

His firm designed the Holy Cross Catholic Church in Indiantown. 

On the roads.. 

A 63 year old Pennsylvania woman seriously injured in a crash in Moore Haven. 

Troopers said the woman pulled her sedan into the path of a northbound sedan operated by a 19 year old Clewiston girl Monday morning at 7 am. 

The crash happened at the intersection of US 27 and 3rd Street. 

The injured woman was transported to Lee Memorial. 

The teenager suffered minor injury. 

Troopers said both drivers wore seat belts.