News Cast 12/14

News Cast for December 14th:

Shortening the work week 

Glades County’s Road Department could be going to a four day work week. 

Crews will be on call the other three days for emergencies. 

The county considering rotating employees at the court house and building departments to have four day work weeks there. 

Commissioner John Ahern points out that some county tasks can’t wait three days. 

“Some services we provide are seven days per week depending on the nature.” 

County Manager Marcos Montes De Oca said the county could save money by having the public works department work four, 10 hour days, rather than five, eight hour days. 

He mentioned set up and travel costs. 

The Blue Green Algae Task Force wants to hold a summit on these blooms. 

They also want to get information from other states and nations on how they are handling these problems. 

They mentioned the Great Lakes and Lake Erie which have described similar algae problems. 

South Florida Water Management District Governing Board Vice Chairman Scott Wagner said we need to educate the public about water pollution. 

“The general public needs to know that if it goes on the ground, it ends up in the water.  That goes from dog waste to garbage on the road, when the rains come, they pick it up and goes down the drain and ends up in the water.  I think most people don’t realize that.” 

Dr. Michael Parsons a member of the task force questions whether the algae bloom problem on Lake Okeechobee can be solved.  He said the problem might be too big to solve due to legacy pollution. 

He said if so, the state must then turn to mitigation of the problem, rather than solving it. 

Okeechobee City council delayed action on a rezoning for a house project and storage facility located north of River Run off 70 east. 

Some mistakes contained in the application will mean the project must go through review a second time. 

The council opted to not support elected officials sitting on the OUA board. 

They also supported keeping a resident of Glades County on the board. 

They also supported allowing agenda items to be approved by a simple majority of three votes rather than the current system of a super majority or four votes. 

The lighted Christmas Parade float winner this year is Rock Solid Christmas Academy. 

Mixon Realty took second place and Sacred Heart Catholic Church took third. 

Raulerson Hospital had the best corporate float. 

Parade winners 

#1 Rock Solid Christian Academy  

#2 Mixon Reality 

#3 Sacred Heart Church 

Honorable mention  

Austin Septic  

South Florida Fishing 

Peace Lutheran School 

Raulerson  Hospital for best professional corporate