News Cast 12/18


December 18, 2023

News Cast for December 18th:

Trying to find doctors

Indian River State College is proposing a new medical school.

It would be their fifth full-service campus on the Treasure Coast.

College President Dr. Timothy Moore said the project will require state support but not state funding.

He recently visited Washington, DC and asked the federal government for $100 million in support.

He said the state currently has a shortage of over 1,772 doctors.

“We believe it’s a model for the state and antion.  It can’t be done on the federal nickel alone.   The college will not cost the state a dime.  It is something we are doing together.  It is the time, it is the moment and it is something we can do.”

A $500,000 bond set against Joseph Sallette.

Okeechobee deputies said they obtained two cell phones he owns and found inappropriate images of children, known as child pornography.

He currently faces 10 felony counts.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife conservation commission heard pros and cons about a bear hunt in the state.

Supporters said there are too many bears and the habitats have dwindled and are unable to support them.

Opponents doubt the bear population estimate of 11,000 from hunting groups and would like bears protected.

Katrina Shadix opposes the bear hunt.  She said there is no need.

“There are going to be 11,000 bears in two years?  Bear hunting was stopped in the 1970s because we hunted them near to extinction.  Since those 50 years we only have 4,050 bears.  That is over 50 years.”

One issue is 300 bears are killed each year in collisions with vehicles.  There are also more reports of bears in urban areas.

The FWC also heard concerns about dwindling mammal populations in the Everglades and changes caused by the python invasion.

The Highlands County Planning Board recommended a rezoning and comprehensive plan amendment for 610 acres on route 721, known as nine-mile grade.

The acreage is currently in conservation management and would be changed to agriculture.

The parcels on both sides of the road are located near Boondock Road and US 98.  The applicant would like to have row crops there.

The county commission holds a public hearing on the application Tuesday.