News Cast 3/21

News Cast for March 21st:

Okeechobee watches Tallahassee

Okeechobee County and the Florida Turnpike Authority have a deal over allowing safe access to the turnpike for fire trucks and ambulances.

County Engineer Steph Mathes said the turnpike is thinking about expanding in Okeechobee County from four to six lanes.

New flashing beacons will be placed on the turnpike and will flash when county ambulances or fire trucks are about to enter the road.

Commissioners expressed concerns over many bills in Tallahassee that chips away at home rule or local government powers.  One would limit county commission term limits to two four year terms.

Commissioners also applied for state funding this year to resurface sections of route 15B, Charles Harvey Highway and 700 A.

The Florida trucking industry supports efforts to reduce insurance costs and limit lawsuits.

Florida trucking brings in 4.6 billion tons of freight each year into the state.

The biggest issue they face is rising insurance costs.

The state has 480,000 CDL license holders in the state but still need 80,000 new truck drivers as of today.

St. Lucie County Sheriff deputies announced the arrest of 28 year old Kimmy Parsons of Fort Pierce for the fatal shooting of Nikita Bryant in January.

Eight people were shot in the mass shooting at Ellis Park on January 16.

Her mother Nikitia White said she was glad an arrest was made thanking the sheriff investigators and also the public that had the courage to come forward with information.

Parsons was captured by US Marshalls last Friday in Tampa.

St. Lucie County also suspended the rights of the promoter to hold any more events at county facilities.

They pulled the armed security detailed they had contracted with to cover the event the night before the event and never alerted the county.

Sheriff Ken Mascara said TC Palm also wrote a false narrative that his agency did not care about the shooting.

The Indiantown Village Council proclaimed today at National Agriculture Day.  The noted farmers continue to overcome many challenges as they feed the nation.

Renita Pressler says criticized one councilmember for not meeting with residents and answering phone calls.

Pressler didn’t name directly the councilmember.

Councilmember Angelina Perez said she has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments and hasn’t had her usual level of energy.