News Cast 3/8

News Cast for March 8th:

Residents request more cleanup

Berman Road residents complained more garbage and litter showing up along the road and cattle pastures.

They’d like trucks to be tarped as they travel to and from the landfill.

The county might also require them to be swept out at the landfill and keep their doors closed.

Residents said they worried cattle would eat the garbage.

The commission also supported mandatory connection to OUA sewer once made available.

The decision was also endorsed by the Okeechobee Economic Council.

The county also received an award from Florida Power and Light for having 1 million solar panels in the county.  There are four solar facilities currently under operation in Okeechobee.

An Okeechobee man, Moses Munoz was sentenced to 23 months in prison for high-speed fleeing and eluding.

Charges related to a robbery, a police car chase and shooting on March 25, 2021 were dropped.

Munoz allegedly had robbed a man at Lock 7 and shot at his vehicle on US 441 south.

The victim claimed he was robbed of $35 worth of marijuana and when he tried to follow the suspect he was shot at.

Police said one round struck the bumper of the vehicle.

City Police located the suspects vehicle and then chased the suspect through town to US 98 and then all the way to Spring Lake in Highlands County.

As many as six people were charged with having trafficking amounts of various illegal drugs at the Okeechobee Music Festival this year.  Most of those charged were from out of state.  One suspect had a bond in excess of $800,000.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis charted out his goals for this year’s legislative session.

Anti abortion bills, an open carry gun bill, more education funding and more water resource funding are on the list.

DeSantis highlighted an Okeechobee truck driver to emphasize the need for more truckers in the state.

“A four-year degree is one way you can be successful but is not the only way.  Joining us today is Kirk Corwin, a driver with Walpole.  He was able to get his commercial driver’s license through one of our Florida programs.  We also spared his job when we protected workers against the vaccine mandates.  Thank you for fulfilling an important role in our economy.”

A Glades County man was sentenced to 80 months in prison for injuring an elderly man and fighting with deputies.

Gene Duane Harris was convicted at a non-jury trial Tuesday on charges that range from battery on law enforcement to aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and elder abuse.

Harris allegedly had become combative with medics treating the victim, biting a finger of an EMT.  He punched one deputy and kicked another.

A neighbor grabbed him before he could pour a pot of boiling water on the elderly victim.

Deputies said Harris had been drinking earlier in the day.