News Cast for March 8th:

Schools waiting on Tallahassee

Okeechobee County schools will find out soon whether they will get $24 million in additional funds to build the new Okeechobee High school.

The state legislative session is due to end around noon Friday.

Interim Superintendent Dylan Tedders said the additional funds are likely to be approved but ultimately must be signed into law by the governor.

“If you look in the education bills and you won’t see in the house and senates budget. Our lobbyist up there tells us it is still in the back of a bill in the back of some COVID bills. The only hurdle we have right now is the governor’s veto. We hope he is not going to veto a school building for a community that has such a need.”

Tedders took over the job as superintendent on Monday.

The Okeechobee County Board of County Commissioners approved a rezoning to allow a mobile home park at the Okeechobee and Martin County line on 441.

The nearby Blue Cypress park has been opposed to the proposed Silver Cypress Park.

Commissioner Brad Goodbread said it will mean the loss of more agriculture land, with 100,000 acres going out of production each year in Florida.

He said he also supports private property rights and if someone wants to develop their own property, government should not take away those rights.

Neighbors complained they haven’t gotten enough details about what might be allowed. They also wonder about impacts with trespassing and criminals.

16 acres could be developed. They are looking to buy some more land from the state. Planners said up to 50 units might fight on the property.

The problem of human trafficking has struck in Martin County this year.

Lynn Barletta of the Florida Faith Alliance said four teachers in Martin County have been arrested for sexting, a janitor for possessing child pornography, and an Indiantown man was charged with trying to lure kids into his van in the past year.

They also worked with law enforcement on a trafficking investigation in Lake Worth that also involved residences in Indiantown.

The Speckled Perch Festival celebrates its 59th year this year. The annual event includes a festival in Flagler Park, plenty of food, music and fun, a parade Saturday morning at 10 am and the Professional Cowtown Rodeo on Saturday and Sunday at 2:30 pm.