News Cast for May 14th:

Facility could create 81 jobs

The Warriors Choice Foundation wants to develop a private camp or retreat for combat veterans.

They would bring in K-9s to work to help the veterans rehabilitate from their injuries.

The county planning board voted to approve a special exception for the 200 acre facility near the landfill at 11805 NE 120th Street.

Neighbors had some concerns about security and whether guns would be on site.

Carlos Carejo said the applicant should have met with the neighbors to explain what they wanted to do.

The jobs would include 22 full-time jobs.

The group also met with the sheriff to alleviate any concerns they might have. No guns, alcohol or drugs would be allowed on the property.

All of the soldiers would pass all psychiatric screens.

The group said they are seeking grants and funding from the Veterans Administration to develop this facility.

Areas north of Lake Okeechobee are expected to be warmer and wetter this summer.

Meteorologist Robert Molleda with the National Weather Service gave a wet season update to South Florida Water Managers.

Temperatures are predicted to be 1 degree to 1.5 degrees above average.

Molleda said there is slight drought conditions now around the lake.

This winter had historically average temperatures but was the coldest in South Florida since 2014.

An interim manager named by Pahokee city commissioners.

Rodney Lucas resignation took affect on Monday.

Michael Jackson, a former commission and manager for the city of South Bay was selected after interviews with several candidates at a public meeting.

Jackson grew up in the Glades region.

He said it was always his plan to work for local government.

He also was a service center director for South Florida Water Management and was administrator over the Glades Utility System.