News Cast for June 10th:

What are all these trucks doing here?

Okeechobee County Commissioner Terry Burroughs said he’s noticed a large increase in truck traffic going through Okeechobee.

He suggests it’s because the tolls on the Florida turnpike are too high.

Burroughs said he’s seen first hand a lot of trucks leaving the turnpike in Yeehaw Junction.

He said they are damaging our roads on 441 and 70 and causing traffic congestion downtown.

He wants the county to talk with the Florida turnpike authority to see if something can be done like reducing or eliminating truck tolls.

The Okeechobee City Council will likely wait until July to make any changes to food truck regulations.

There are some who don’t want permanent fixtures.

Resident Joe Cruz, who owns one of these trucks spoke during public comment against further regulations and restrictions.

He said food trucks should be given fair treatment.

“Hopefully these regulations are to better something, and not to show favoritism to people or to businesses.”

Two Lorida residents were hospitalized after a fatal crash in Charlotte County this weekend.

Troopers said the other vehicle caused the crash and the 50 year old driver of the sedan was killed.

It happens on US 17 early Saturday morning.

The driver of the Lorida vehicle, a sedan was a 19-year-old man who was seriously injured. His 20-year-old male passenger suffered minor injury according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Growth continues westward in Martin County.

Commissioners approved a large project outside the urban services boundary called the ranches.

Opponents worry it will allow more dense development in rural areas all the way to Lake Okeechobee.

It is under the new land use rural lifestyle.

Harry McArthur said growth is inevitable but you have to plan it well.

The project includes 175 homes and two golf courses with 4,700 acres left over for open space and agriculture use.

St. Lucie County initiated a burn ban for outdoor burning due to the rising drought index.

No unpermitted outdoor burning is allowed. Agriculture burning will be permitted on a case by case basis by the Florida Forest Service.