News Cast 6/10

News Cast for June 10th:

Illegals bringing drugs

U.S. Senator Rick Scott chided the Biden administration for what he described as doing nothing about the border problem.

He visited the border recently and found many places where illegals cross over unabated.

He said in addition to people, illegal drugs are crossing the border at an alarming rate, and many of those drugs reach Florida.

“They are leading to an alarming increase in human trafficking.  The drug smuggling of cartels has increased.  This has overwhelmed our Border Patrol Agents.  The drug cartels have taken full advantage of Biden’s  failure to secure the border.”

Hundreds of Sheriffs recently wrote the President asking him to take action.

Police body cameras don’t help

Police body cameras are becoming more and more common.

Supporters said it improves police and provides moreaccountability to the public

One outspoken critic of them is Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

He said they often invade people’s privacy like during death notifications.

He said the videos often don’t tell the whole story.

He cited a video that went viral of a jail guard who appeared to be beating an inmate.

In reality, the inmate had gotten the jail guards finger in between the handcuffs and had broken his finger.

The guard was merely trying to get his finger out of the handcuffs.

Judd welcomes the public to video his officers as they do their jobs.

“Everyone with a cell phone has a camera.  Take our picture.  Take all the video and pictures you want.  Your camera is pointing at us.  If we put a body camera on the camera is pointing at you.  Do you really want us recording you at your most emotional and stressful times?”

City Council honors police woman

One of Okeechobee’s cops was honored by the city council.

Kelly Margerum reached 15 years of service to the city in May.

She’s worked in road patrol, as a detective, and now as a school resource officer at Okeechobee Christian Academy.

Margerum said this is a job she loves.

“It is completely different.  When you go through the academy you don’t really think of being a school resource officer.  I spent time in road patrol and in the detective bureau and it was just time to take a chance on a change.  I was so honored to be at the school, I love the school, and it has really been a fun experience.”

Difficulty in finding ways to dispose of septage

Highlands County has had difficulty in finding places to dispose of septage this year.

They’ve been talking with the cities of Avon Park and the town of Lake Placid and even private firms that might be interested in building a treatment plant.

Vast parts of the county are without sewer with most rural areas on septic tanks.

Highlands County Engineer Clinton Howerton said currently 80 percent of the septage handled in Avon Park currently comes from within the county.

In Okeechobee,  the Florida Department of Environmental Protection permitted a disposal site at the Tir Na Nog Ranch on North East 325th Trail in Fort Drum.

The Okeechobee Utility Authority plant does not accept septic tank waste.

Highlands County Commission Chairman Scott Kirouac said this is a public health issue as people can’t reside in a home if they can’t pump out a full septic tank.

“This is a health and safety issue.  We have people that have their toilets overflowing in their homes.  They can’t get a hauler to come and pump their tank out.  They have to stay at a hotel or family and can’t stay in the home.  You can’t have sewage spilling over in your house because it is a very large health concern.”