News Cast June 17th:

2024 Elections are set…

A lot of re-elections Friday in Okeechobee. No opponents for Clerk of the courts Jerry Bryant, Tax Collector Celeste Watford, Property Appraiser Mickey Bandi, School Board members Amanda Riedel and Malisa Morgan, county commission chair David Hazellief, Judge Bill Wallace and new Supervisor of Elections David May.

There will be three local races this year.

County Commission district 5 has four candidates, Michael Sumner and Billy McCullers republicans.

Austin Harvey and Glenn Attaway are the democratic candidate.

County Commission district 3 Keith White opposing incumbent Brad Goodbread both republicans.

Three candidates are running for sheriff Stephen Weikert, Jon Folbrecht, and incumbent Noel Stephen all republicans.

Okeechobee schools are restructuring with new appointments.

Lauren Meyers was promoted for Assistant Superintendent over Instruction.

Dr. Joseph Stanley was promoted to Assistant Superintendent over administration.

New principals include Jessica Lowe at North, Sonya Vandermolen at Seminole and Christina Norman at OHS.

Cassandra Keith is the new Director of Exception Student Education and Brent Stuart is the new Director of Student Services. Ana Rhoden is the new director of human resources.

Dr. Stanley said the promotion was a big moment in his career.

“I’m honored to be named to this position and I look forward to serving the school system for many years to come.”

New Superintendent Dylan Tedders, who had his contract ratified by the school board, says he moved quickly to appoint Dr. Stanley, noting many of these appointments free up other positions. He said he wants to appoint people as soon as possible so they get up to speed before school starts.

The Florida Highway Patrol expects an increase in fatalities this year. We average 3,500 per year.

Okeechobee had nine fatalities last year and were at four this year.

Lt. Greg Bueno said there is a growing problem of motorists not stopping for police for traffic violations.

He said some stop for no good reason and are not trying to flee because they have a warrant for arrest.

“By fleeing they are making a bad situation much worse. Not only worse, but criminal, and they are endangering lives.”

Lt. Bueno said bad driving habits continue across the state.

“Drivers making poor decisions in regard to impairment driving while under the influence or high, nightly individuals are not stopping for us for traffic violations, vehicles are constantly fleeing our traffic stops.”