News Cast 6/3

News Cast for June 3rd:

Okeechobee County Tax Collector is  hiring a Customer Service Specialist. If you are a dedicated hardworking individual and looking for a long term career, they have a position for you. Employment applications are on their website at

Judge considers sentence in traffic deaths

Sentence today for Joseph LaGrego in connection with two Okeechobee traffic deaths.

He called the day of the accident the last taste of evil in his life.

He admitted and later tested positive for several drugs including fentanyl.

LaGrego is pleading guilty to six felony charges.

The recommended sentence is close to 24 years.

University of Florida Students Caroline Alfano, and Nicole Scherten were killed after the Okeechobee Music Fest in March 2017.

Lagrego was driving at high speeds (117 miles per hour) and rear ended vehicles stopped at the stop sign of Berman Road and 710.

Governor kicks off Python challenge

The annual Burmese Python challenge kicked off in the Everglades today.

Since 2000 some 13,000 pythons have been removed.

In 2020, the state reported the harvest of 5,500 pythons, a 35 percent increase over 2019.

They have also been clearing trails in about 800,000 acres to make it easier to find the pythons.

Other technology including infrared lasers and trained dogs are being used to find them.

Alligator Ron Bergerron said the pythons have been ruining the ecosystem.

“The python is an invasive snake, 200 pounds, 20 feet long, that is destroying the natural food chain.  Without that food chain you cannot have a healthy environment.”

OHS excited about new campus

Okeechobee County Schools will not wait long to get the new Okeechobee High school built.

The state budget included $66 million in funding over three years.

The local cost will be $9 million spread over three years.

Assistant Superintendent of Schools Dylan Tedders said this moves the process forward to the next step of building the new high school.

“IT is going to be a good thing.  We have a long way to go as far as planning and what we can build with $66 million.  We will try to meet the needs of the students coming through the high school for the next 50 years.