News Cast 6/6

News Cast 6/6:

We need snack for our summer migrant theatre students.  There will be about 50 students participating for 4 weeks.  Prepackaged snacks like cookies, chips, fruit roll ups, fruit gummies, and  crackers would be greatly appreciated. You can call Debbie at 561-985-7850 or drop snacks off at the high school!

State to ask for the maximum sentence 

Danny Ray Payne should spend the rest of his life in prison. 

That is what the State Attorney Brian Workman will request when Payne is sentenced later this summer. 

“He is looking at 25 years to life.  That is the range the judge will look at.  We will ask for life.” 

Payne was convicted last month of shooting to death Stacy Tyson. 

He was convicted of third degree murder, manslaughter and aggravated assault with a firearm. 

Payne is due back in court for a status hearing on June 9th

“A lot went wrong in that home during the time the shooting took place, drugs being used, evidence Mr. Payne lost control of his emotions and was discharging a firearm inside his own house.  That shows recklessly, and disregard for the safety of people around him.  Those are types of things anybody would want to avoid.”

The Florida Education Association and the 150,000 teachers it represents have given their support to Charlie Crist is his bid to become Governor again. 

FEA President Andrew Spar said the state wants a governor that supports and respects teachers. 

“The current governor has gone around the state vilifying teachers and staff and encouraged others to do the same.  We need a governor who will support teachers and staff and students who attend public schools.” 

The FEA said Florida is near the bottom in education funding when compared to other states. 

Crist said that is embarrassing to the state. 

“This is the largest budget in the history of the state, $110 billion, and they can’t find enough funds to bring us up from 48th of 49th on what we pay our teachers?  That is ridiculous.” 

Best management practices have been working and they’ve reduced the amount of water used by agriculture. 

Agriculture commissioner candidate Wilton Simpson says the BMPS have helped agriculture. 

“We are trying to accomplish agriculture, use as little natural resources and possible and maximize our crops.  It is our best interest as a farmer to do those things.  It costs more money to purchase fertilizer and pump water.  The more frugal we are the more chance we have at being profitable. 

He said the BMPS have reduced nutrients loads by up to 80 percent while also costing farmers in the pocket book. 

It costs farmers $40 million per year to impose BMPs in the Everglades Agriculture Area. 

The city of Belle Glade wants to toughen up litter ordinances, clean up vacant properties and stop neighborhood trash piles. 

Director of Planning and Development Ralph Butts said his department gets daily complaints about these piles of rubbish. 

“People assume there is a community dump pile at the end of their street.  I advise residents you can’t dump at the end of your street.  Just because you have done it for years does not make it right.” 

Mayor Steve Wilson wants residents across the city to stand up against trash. 

“I know for a fact certain places in the community you won’t see trash like that.  The expectation is, we are not having that.  It is not that people don’t know, it’s just they are not having that.” 

The commission also discussed additional restrictions on farm vehicles using Belle Glade streets.