News Cast for July 18th:

Small dog found NE 96th St and brought to Animal Services, must describe and show proof of ownership. 1480 NW 25th Drive Okeechobee FL 863-357-3225.

Commissioners have heard some complaints about access to the urgent care clinic they have contracted with. There has been a change in ownership and the county is hopeful things will improve.

Contact Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services regarding availability 863-357-3225

County Administrator Deborah Manzo reassured commissioners. A big user of urgent care is the employees at the sheriffs office.

Okeechobee schools are looking at a tax rate decrease this year. Due to the rising property values the district will receive 2.76 million more in revenue this year, some 23.9 million.

The total millage rate proposed at 5.462 millions.

The biggest spending item is the new Okeechobee High School with close to 96.5 million spent for capital improvements this year.

The general fund budget is 74.5 million, food services 8.9 million, federal programs 6.3 million and grant funds 15.6 million.

The school board reviews the budget at a meeting Thursday, July 20th at 6pm at the school board offices.

Moore Haven Mayor Clay Browning gave a sneak peak at the city budget workshops.

Three Douglas Park men with checkered pasts were locked up after a drug investigation.

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By Taylor