News Cast 8/12

News Cast for August 12th:

5 jailed in drug bust

Okeechobee’s Narcotics Task Force, the Drug Enforcement Agency and a sheriff’s special response team raided a home at 2942 North West 35th drive in Basswood Thursday.
They allegedly turned up trafficking amounts of methamphetamine, and some marijuana and drug paraphernalia.
Arrested at the home were David Thomas, Cole Thomas, Aubrey Waldron, Angela Beechum, and Jessica Beechum, no ages immediately available.
Jessica Beechum faces drug trafficking charges, the others are facing possession charges according to the news release.
A 10 year old child that lived at the residence was placed into the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

The governor announced a new state wide plan to battle overdoses and drug addiction.
The CORE Network will include physicians, and other professionals to provide treatment to those with drug addictions through the process.
It will be treated as a disease and not a habit.
Governor Ron DeSantis said there have been 2,000 drug overdoses in the state this year.
Many of those involve fentanyl.
State officials contend an open border has increased the flow of illegal drugs from Mexico into Florida and other states.
“The program will work. It is simple, powerful and connected. It gives these people the things they need to break the cycle and the terrible things that come along with addiction.”

The Glades County School Board will discuss arming staff on campus.
Glades Sheriff David Hardin has changed positions but still has concerns about costs, training, and having the right people with guns on campus.
Assistant Superintendent Brian Greseth says the sheriff had concerns about safety.
“He seems to feel it’s a safety thing and we don’t want to have too many guns hanging around and having just anybody get into them.”
The sheriff says response times for backup units in his small county, could be lengthy.
“It could take time depending on where the deputy is in the county. Its 30-40 minutes from Buckhead Ridge, and 20-30 minutes from Muse. If it’s a school day we will have detectives in town. In past school shootings it is all over in a short amount of time once it starts. The quicker you get involved the more lives can be saved.”
The board also heard concerns about a shooter coming to the district office that doesn’t have a school resource officer. All of the schools currently have an armed officer on campus.
The board also would like to have applicants who have certificates of completion rather than high school diplomas be made eligible to be hired for some district jobs.

An Apopka man was convicted at trial of armed burglary, aggravated assault and felony battery.
36 year Bobby Kemp went on trial in Okeechobee for entering a home uninvited and threatening a man with a knife.
The old saying is don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.
The victim pulled out a gun and fired several rounds at Kemp as he scrambled to leave. He was not struck by the gunfire.
Kemp also allegedly forced a woman to drive to Kenansville with him and battered her.
The woman was hospitalized for facial and other injuries.
Troopers said Kemp was located at the Canoe Creek Plaza on the Florida turnpike.