News Cast 8/25

News Cast for August 25th:

Arresting  online predators 

Okeechobee’s sheriff wants parents to report any suspicious computer activity after the arrest of 31 year old Brian Peterson. 

He’s accused of sending inappropriate materials to a minor and trying to meet the girl. 

The mother got the sheriff involved, detectives posed as the child on social media and after Peterson set up a meeting, and they arrested him on two felony charges and resisting arrest. 

Highlands Counties Sheriff created a special victims unit for crimes on the internet. 

Paul Blackman said many kids are too young to be exposed to a lot of improper things on the internet. 

A community event scheduled in Sebring Saturday to explain the dangers children face on the internet. 

Parents and grandparents are welcomed at the seminar. 

He wants parents to be aware of what their child can get into on the internet. 

The Highlands School district will also participate in the event. 

A new survey finds 45 percent of teens spent almost 100 percent of their free time on electronic devices. 

Okeechobee commissioners support mandating residents on septic tanks tie onto OUA service once available. 

The OUA is working on septic tanks in Treasure Island thanks to grant funding. 

Commissioner Kelly Owens said this could hurt residents in the wallet. 

The county will seek grants to try and help residents with the hook-up fees that could run into the thousands of dollars. 

The Live Wildly campaign wants to grow awareness and support for the Florida Wildlife Corridor. 

The goal is to conserve and preserve land, much of it in our region for 131 species of wildlife like the panther, and bird species, even black bears. 

Arnie Bellini said the state has to leave some green space with 1,000 new residents each day. 

The corridor includes some 18 million acres. 

Hendry County honored employee Jaden Willingham for saving a life. 

Commission Chair Emma Byrd said a woman was rescued from a vehicle that drove into a canal in Harlem. 

They also hired a consultant for $115,000 to study impact fees for law enforcement, EMS, transportation, schools and the library. 

They approved engineering work to add sidewalks in Harlem. 

The proposed bid for construction is over $600,000.