On her new podcast, ‘War Paint with Lorrie Morgan,’ the Grand Ole Opry star shares personal stories and interviews celebrity friends. In her first episodes, the multi-platinum selling recording artist talks about her life and career; and chats with Nancy Jones, widow of George Jones

Nashville, TENN — Grand Ole Opry star, Lorrie Morgan has launched a new podcast: sharing personal stories and speaking to celebrity guests about life on and off the road, the music industry, family and more.

“War Paint with Lorrie Morgan” is named for the title track from Morgan’s 1994 album, an original by the singer/songwriter.

In the first episode, Morgan talks about being at a crossroads, confronts the challenges of being “at a certain age,” dealing with body change, growing weary of the road, ‘Catholic guilt’, women she admires and more.

“I’m not afraid to voice my opinions … I have my own views and beliefs,” she says, “and if you’re with me, great and if you’re not, I still love you.”

The second episode has launched with Nancy Jones, widow of George Jones and author of “Playin’ Possum,” a new book about Nancy’s life with the legendary singer. Guests on future episodes include Pam Tillis, Larry Gatlin and more to be announced.

“War Paint with Lorrie Morgan” is a monthly podcast show, hosted by Lorrie Morgan. War Paint is the creation of Lorrie Morgan for Lorrie Morgan Entertainment. Show Runners and Executive Producers are Claire Ratliff and Bob Bender. Production: Bob Bender for Lotta Dogs Productions LLC. Creative control and booking of talent is Claire Ratliff for Laughing Penguin Publicity. Management representation: Tony Conway for Conway Entertainment Group. Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Music Dog Studios in Nashville, TN. Voice Over and Promo: Lisa Fuson

Morgan is set to release a new album, produced by the legendary Richard Landis, the final project of the producer’s illustrious career. She is also working on a new autobiography. “War Paint with Lorrie Morgan” is available on iHeart Media, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast platforms. New episodes will drop monthly