News Cast for May 24th:

Only One left standing

Dylan Tedders is the only finalist for the job of Okeechobee School Superintendent.

He was interviewed for 90 minutes with questions about how to improve academic performance, management style, dealing with complaints and disputes, promotion of the schools, and engaging the public and parents.

Tedders said he advises take a minute before reacting to criticism especially on social media.

“I will not go out to the masses to counteract or one up somebody who posted something on us. I will not fight our fights through social media.”

He also promised more of a presence in the public and schools and an open door policy.

“Do they have access to me, do they have access to the information, can they see what we are putting out. If somebody says he’s not approachable or he didn’t give me the time, I would want to know, so I can go back and build that, I’m not about putting up a wall.”

The school board holds a special meeting next Wednesday at 3 pm to make a decision on the superintendent position.

This is national safe boating week.

Memorial Day is a huge weekend for fishing and boating across Florida and on Lake Okeechobee.

A spokesperson for the coast guard encourages boaters to be safe and sober this weekend.

They also encourage boating safety courses and having life jackets on board and used.

Memorial Day observances are planned in Ortona and Indiantown Monday.

Several local governments approved proclamations to honor our veterans.

Naval Veteran Stanley O’Hoppe explained Memorial Day is for those that have died.

“Memorial Day is not Veteran’s Day. Memorial Day you remember the fallen soldiers, airmen and marines that didn’t make it home. We are not thanking veterans for their service we are remembering the ones that fell in the line of duty.”

The Indiantown VFW Post holds a remembrance ceremony Monday at 8 am. Ortona’s remembrance is at 11 am.

Okeechobee will have an observance in Veterans Memorial Park starting at 10 am.

The Florida Highway Patrol said 469 people are expected to die in the nation in traffic accidents this weekend.

Lt. Greg Bueno said troopers will be focused on Memorial Day are impaired and aggressive drivers.

“We have squads of troopers just dedicated to finding impaired drivers and they find them every night. We also have a squad focused on aggressive drivers. Those that put all of our families in danger with their aggressive actions on the roadway.”

Check your vehicle, wear your seat belts, don’t drink and drive, and obey traffic laws, are the advice from law enforcement.

AAA expects a record amount of vehicular traffic traveling in Florida this weekend.