News Cast 1/12

News Cast for January 12th:

Deputies catch up to drug suspect 

Pedestrians and motor vehicles were forced off the road after a motorist wouldn’t stop for sheriff deputies. 

Okeechobee County Sheriff Deputies said 22 year old Abigayle Ericson drove through residential streets at 50 miles per hour in Treasure Island. 

Deputies suspended the chase but located the vehicle later on 441 south east. 

They summoned a K-9 unit to the scene to search the vehicle and located the deadly drug fentanyl. 

Ericson faces charges of possession of fentanyl, driving with a suspended license and fleeing and attempting to elude police. 

Bond was set at $25,000. 

The Okeechobee Museum will be open this Saturday morning from 9 until noon. 

The historical society plans to have the museum open one Saturday each month. 

President Maggie Cable said they recently opened a time capsule at the Okeechobee Freshman Campus that included some 1 hundred year old items. 

She said the museum has a lot of old school artifacts and items that are of great interest to Okeechobee residents. 

There is no charge to visit the museum.  They do accept donations. 

Cable said they continue to work hard on a renovation and protection of the log cabin project. 

A group from the Indian River County Historical Society will take a tour of the cabin on Jan. 19. 

The National Weather Service reports average temperatures in Okeechobee were above normal last year. 

Meteorologist Derrick Whitelich works out of the Melbourne station. 

He said the average temperatures in the region were between one degree and 1.5 degrees warmer last year. 

Rainfall amounts for Okeechobee County were considered average. 

Rainfall was below normal in parts of the Treasure Coast like Fort Pierce and Stuart. 

The higher temperatures made 2021 one of the top 10 warmest years on record in Okeechobee. 

The NWS also encourages weather watcher volunteers in Okeechobee. 

A recall election to be held in Pahokee on February 1st

Vice Mayor Regina Bohlen is the subject of the recall. 

She is also running for Mayor in the March election. 

Mayor Keith Babb said 555 registered voters in Pahokee signed a petition for the recall. 

The city has been in political uproar since the election in March of last year. 

City councilwoman Clara Murvin asked why the city attorney has taken a role in a court case Bohlen has filed against the recall. 

Bohlen said any mention of the issue at a commission meeting was a political ploy and she planned to file charges against the mayor. 

A motion by the Mayor to fire Gary Brandenburg failed in a 2-2 vote.