News Cast 1/11

News Cast for January 11th:

The filing deadline for all property tax exemptions is March 1, 2022. This includes agriculture renewal cards (green) and exemption renewal cards (yellow).


If you have any questions regarding exemptions please contact the property appraiser’s office at 763-4422.


The Florida legislature convenes for its 60 day session today in Tallahassee. 

Water and best management practices for farmers and ranchers will be constantly discussed. 

Senator Ben Albritton expects a lot of the talk to center around nutrients in Lake Okeechobee. 

“Some of the most significant challenges we have in the agriculture industry is nutrient management.  There is a lot of push to make sure nutrients we apply to farms are kept on the farm as much as possible.  We do that through best management practices.” 

 Albritton filed a bill to make best management practices voluntary but other bills seek to make them mandatory. 

Another bill would fine farmers and ranchers for exceeding nutrient limits. 

Okeechobee City Council voiced support for the county effort to get a special needs shelter. 

A 2008 cost estimate said it would cost $12 million for a 12,000 square foot building. 

The city council also is addressing concerns from residents about tractor trailers parking on the street in residential neighborhoods. 

Administrator Gary Ritter said he’s also been working on downtown drainage issues especially in alley ways where water enters into buildings.  He said one of the problems is older buildings do not have gutters. 

The city will make a bid on the Primitive Baptist Church property when it goes to public auction on January 20th

The remains of a Florida panther were found along US 27 near Palmdale on Sunday afternoon. 

It’s the second panther to die in 2022 in Florida. 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said the panther appeared to have died from a motor vehicle collision Sunday. 

The discovery was made about a mile north of the US 27/State Road 29 intersection. 

The American Farm Bureau convention is wrapping up this week. 

Topics included tougher environmental regulations, a new waters of the US rule, the pandemic, and improving rural broadband. 

President Zippy Duvall said farmers and ranchers are still ready to produce great things for the nation. 

The group also is pushing for more trade deals that are fair to US farmers and ranchers. 

An economist said demand for dairy products have returned and the price of milk has gone up. 

An Indiantown woman was shot in the arm in her own backyard on Sunday. 

Martin County deputies said four men target practicing nearby with rifles were responsible. 

No arrests have been made. 

The incident occurred off Warfield Boulevard at Arrowroot Street. 

In the courts, an Okeechobee man was sentenced to 34.5 months in state prison for sexual battery. 

James Padgett entered a no contest plea to the charge. 

The prosecution dropped a count of false imprisonment in the plea deal. 

Officials said the female victim was over 18 years old.