News Cast 1/3


January 3, 2024

News Cast for January 3rd:

The Okeechobee County Board of County Commissioners approved a resolution of support for the application from the City of Fort pierce and St. Lucie County for a Brightline Station.

The station could be located on US 1 in downtown Fort Pierce and provide easier access to locations between Orlando and Miami including airports.

County Administrator Deborah Manzo said a station in Fort Pierce would benefit Okeechobee.

“We are 33 miles away from the site of the proposed station.  The regional station would enhance Okeechobee Counties transportation infrastructure providing a more efficient and sustainable mode of regional travel for residents and visitors.”

Authorities said a convicted sex offender was angry when he was being re-arrested for a technical violation after moving to Lorida.

41-year-old Steven Moore allegedly threatened to harm the deputies and their families and also made a racial slur

He was convicted in Broward County in 2003 of molesting a child under 12.

Okeechobee deputies are out with a warning about driveway paving scams.

They’ve received complaints of fly by nights coming to your door offering a low price to repave the driveway and then doing shoddy work.

They often want to be paid in cash.

They advise residents deal with local and licensed contractors and ask to see their contractor’s license.  Also never pay cash up front.

Highlands County is working with water management to improve the health of Lake Istokpoga.

Water Management said if muck can be removed it will help the canals leading to Lake Okeechobee.

Ray Royce said they often try to find more ways to blame farmers for the nutrient problem.

“As you know in nutrients within water flows, the agriculture community gets the lion share of blame in a change in nutrient loading or nutrient levels.”

Nick Szabo told the county commission that the cleanup will focus on the north east and east side of the lake to start.  He said it can help farmers too by reusing these nutrients to use as fertilizer substitutes.

“I call it a commodity.  It is worth a small fortune.  The farmers we work with spend $30-$100 acre for fertilizer in their pasture.  Imagine if we eliminated that in the area.”

An Okeechobee man was charged with posting an inappropriate video of a former girlfriend on Instagram.

Fernando Baltazar was charged with sexual cyber harassment.

The victim told deputies that the suspect had also verbally threatened and harassed her.