News Cast 10/18

News Cast for October 18th:

New training opportunities for Glades 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced a $5.8 million dollar grant to create the Glades County campus for Immokalee Technical College. 

They will use classrooms and space at the training center in Moore Haven. 

The grant will help fund startup costs for five years. 

Collier County school superintendent Kamela Patton said it helps the region and also can provide skilled workers for her county. 

“It is a regional approach with Glades, Highlands, Hendry and Okeechobee County.  We know our educational programs are very important and are targeted to local jobs and mid and high wage paid occupations.  This unique approach will facilitate career learning and teaching.” 

The Programs include ones for diesel mechanics, commercial truck and bus driving, nursing, and air conditioning and refrigeration and other fields. 

Governor Ron DeSantis said he thinks all five counties will benefit from the facility. 

“The funding will cover five years of costs.  This is a collaboration between Glades, Highlands, Hendry, Okeechobee and Collier County.  It is great to see them work together.  The best part is that in nine of the 12 pathways you can earn a high value credential in one year or less.” 

SFWMD touts Okeechobee projects 

The South Florida Water Management District said they want people to know work is going on north of Lake Okeechobee too. 

Projects like the Kissimmee River Restoration, Taylor Creek Storm Water Treatment Area, the Lakeside Ranch (STA), and other projects were highlighted. 

Jennifer Reynolds said they’ve also been able to repair and improve the Nubbin Slough storm water treatment area which has long been a spot of trouble. 

“The initial indications show the STA holds water again and we will see reduction in the load of nutrients.  That is exactly what the project is for.” 

Rancher Woody Larson said they will work with the district when it comes to collecting, conserving and cleaning water. 

“The next thing is cost.  We don’t know exactly how we will pay for it at times and what is most cost effective.  We need to talk about compensation.  When you have private land owners that really want to help solve the problem, don’t be afraid to compensate them.  We are giving something up.  We are doing this in the right spirit.” 

Bus Drivers mourn death of child 

Our school bus drivers are trying to keep kids safe.  

All of them mourned when a 10 year old child was struck and killed crossing the street to get on a school bus in Ft. Pierce last month. 

She said safety of students is the top priority. 

“Every day, especially since this accident in St. Lucie County.  Motorists were not careful.  They need to be aware.  We train our drivers to make sure our students are aware.” 

This is School Bus Safety Week in Florida. 

Okeechobee Schools urged motorists to slow down around school buses and to obey all traffic laws. 

Transportation supervisor Nicole Havee said while the state has a shortage of school bus drivers, it’s not as bad here.